Friday, October 9, 2009

The "CH" Litter Roaming the Woods

Chip, Chilkoot, Chisana and Lucky are already 4 months old! Where did all the time go?!
This bunch does not stop surprising us - the other day we went picking more lingon berries and took the puppies along for a two hour walk. We were not sure how this is going to work, and how long we will be able to keep those guys focussed on us (as oposed to chasing wild birds and wondering down the trail) and out of boredom. They stayed the whole time together with us, playing, chasing each other, chewing on sticks, digging holes or - their most favourite activity - "helping" us pick the berries, which was not very much apreshiated by us, but hey, better than having the whole bunch disapear towards new adventures!

They are so easy to handle, come on all calls and really enjoy our company. They are fixed on us like no other litter ever was. Kind of interesting, since Star is a fairly independent dog and we had to stop taking her for lose walks as early as at about 3 months, for she would run away or refuse to come on call.

Jachym made this video, which seems an easier way to evaluate the puppies, than pictures, for which they don´t have the patience to pose :)


Anonymous said...

They sure look like to happy energetic pups.

Wolfgang muller said...

The video in the blog is really appreciable and I got to learn a lot about animals in the forest. Really a great blog by the author.