Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some more precious summer evenings with friends

It´s getting dusky here in the evenings, so this time, when Jachym and Thorsten came back from a fishing trip, and Alexandra and I walked the puppies and prepared dinner, I could actually light up my favourite candles and lantherns.

Besides trying a new potatoe recipe I found at my favourite, we also smoked pike and a perch the guys cought.

And to the coffee, we had a traditional Czech cake called "bublanina" (sorry folks, can´t translate that one) with fresh strawberries from our neighbour Folke´s garden.

Jachym had to warm up his feet by the citronella candle, an action he called "2 in 1", as he also got protected from the mosquito attacks :).
Days are getting shorter, or I should say, one can start to tell the difference between night and day, so one starts to treasure evenings like this one.
Till next time,

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