Friday, August 28, 2009

Chignik and Chilko´s Adventure Trip South

As I have mentioned in my previous post, when Roman and Bara left for their trip back home, they had two Kipp d´Amundsen dogs riding with them in the trailer - Chignik and Chilko.

The decision to let the two boys was tough and particularly Chignik was one of my top favourites in the litter, but knowing he would have company of his favourite brother Chilko was a good comfort.

Roman and Bara have a relatively small, but fairly sucessful mid distance racing kennel, but what´s most important of all, they love, adore and worship their dogs. They belong to the few people we trust, concerning dog care and ethics.

Although it is particulary hard to be sending the boys so far away, we know we´ll be in touch and have a chance to see them during our summer visits to Czech Republic. And most importantly, we know they have the most loving "mom and dad" imaginable.

Roman with Chignik

Bara with Chilko

I love this photo - look how perfectly happy these two look

Chignik getting used to the leash and collar

Meeting the big dogs - Bara´s Balto and Casco

Chilko posing for a photo

One last big hug to the boys, while they are still babies.
Next time I´ll be hugging them, they´ll be big, leggy handsome boys! :)

Roman and Bara, may these two boys be all you wished for and more, and may you have great life together!

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