Thursday, August 27, 2009

The "CH" Puppies at 12 weeks and Evaluation of the Litter

These are actually the last pictures of all the seven monsters together. Today, two of the boys left with Roman and Bara to their new pack. But I will write about that in a separate entry.

This one is about the puppies at 12 weeks and the evaluation of the litter.

By now, they have developed socially and interfered with all kinds of situations and people, they walked, ran and zig-zagged throughout the woods nearly every day since they were 8 weeks old.

They are truelly the most wonderful bunch we´ve had. Temperament, structure, movement, the "spark", the communicativeness, the spirit and energy, the toughness and friendliness and oh my gosh - the speed and determination in these little guys!
When I was planning this combination, I had several wonderful dogs in mind: Star and Canuck as the parents on top of the list, of course, but then Babeli, Grover, Kara, Buck. I felt this was truely our own blend of lines and individual dogs I wanted to see in our breeding program one day. And with this litter it happened. The "CH" litter is what we now, after many years of dedicated work, can call the Kipp d´Amundsen line.
Of course, at a beginning, but with a very firm and carefully selected background.

If I had the oportunity, I would have kept the entire litter, but circumstances don´t allow us to keep more than three, and we had inquieries from the most wonderful homes imaginable - all of them our friends, whom we know and trust. Otherwise this litter wouldn´t have been available.

We are thrilled to watch all the guys grow and develop as sled dogs, either in our own pack, or in their new homes.


Chippewa aka Chip





Chatanika aka Lucky

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