Thursday, July 2, 2009

With Sparky at the Beach

Sparky is one of the rare and unique siberians, who can be let lose at nearly any time. He can be called off even from a birds´ nest in the grass, as he just showed us on two occasions during today´s visit to the beach on Vedjeön´s island.
It was a relatively cool day, in the heat wave we´ve been experiencing lately, mainly due to the breeze, which was fairly cold at the open space of the inlet.
Amongst other things, Sparky loves when Jachym or I through him sticks. He even dives into the water for them. Due to lack of training, though, he doesn´t retrieve them as I´ve once tought him, so we´ll have to work on that again.
He loves to run wide open lose and waits for us to call him back. He is the happiest canine in the world, when he hears the "come" command and stops infront our feet, as a reining horse :)
On another ocasion, Sparky sticks around and just watches what we´re doing. He gets mad if we go too deep in the water, when we are at the lake, he wants to be part of everything.
I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that Sparky was raised as the only puppy in a litter, was bottle fed his first 3 weeks of life and then switched over to puppy kibble and special formula I composed for him. In the dificult and tragic birth, he made it against all the odds, and remained very special in every way.

On the picture to the left, Sparky is enjoying a moment of victory, as he climbed a rock in the middle of a wild wirl.
It was quite challenging for Sparks to get to this stone. Although fairly near the shore, the water is quite deep in this place and there is a constant wirl, especially strong on a windy day like today, when the waves can be pretty wild. He loves water and is overall a quite and brave dog, not just a siberian.
Although we played, threw sticks and snuggled, Sparky´s wish was to conquer the water today. Only Jachym braved the water today, and while I decied to take photos of the nature, flowers, bugs, and both guys, Sparky was pitifully standing at the beach, wanting to follow Jachym, but hesitating as the waves were too unpleasant to fight.
The open inlet can be quite noisy with the waves splashing the shore, bringing up old leafs and wood from the bottom of the mighty waters.
So today was one of the rare occasions in which the human beats the canine :)
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