Monday, July 27, 2009

Wild at Heart

The CH puppies are 7 weeks already! Where did all the time go?
I remember clearly how tiny they were, how we took intensive care of Lucky and worried about her life.

I sang songs to them at bed time, when they would all pile up around me and the toughest ones climbed into my lap. They love mainly "I have a dream" and "Over the rainbow". It´s actually pretty neat, as we have found out over the years, that each litter has a different favourite tune or sound. What they all mutually like is the words and tone we use to call them up: "kuciiiii". That originates from Czech word "kluci", which means "boys" or "little guys". All our puppies are extremly responsive to that :)

Anyhow, they are now outside in the puppy kennel and when the weather allows, we let them run around the garden and play with them as much as we can. The rainy weather is definitely no puppy weather, so I am a bit sorry for these guys, who are definitely the most active litter we´ve had in a while!

What other puppies did at 6 weeks, these guys were onto at 4-5. If other puppies took several weeks to figure out and grow enough to climb into the second dog house in their pen (belonging to their mom, and purposely not having a puppy ladder), these guys did it from day one, at 6 weeks.

They are extremly curious about their neighbours and constantly seek contact (and bark at!) with Rizey and Galena, who reside right beside the puppy pen. Galena things it is awfully disgusting to even look at these little brats, while Rizey is besides herself, whenever the puppies show interest in her. If her mom Magpie is the sweetiest and kindest dog in our kennel, Rizey is the most playful and goofy one. She just can´t wait to get a chance to play with the puppies.

On the top left picture Chisana says hi to her aunt Comet (Star´s littermate) over the fence.

Next weekend, they will be celebrating their 8 weeks, which always means one BIG thing around here - they will get to go out for a walk in the woods for the first time. I seriously wonder how long will we manage to keep these guys on the trail and around us, as they are very free spirited. I bet we could use a herding dog, which is what I am already trying to explain to Jachym for the past 5 years or so :)

This is Lucky (Chatanika), who grows into a beautiful, fairly independent and self sufficient girl, and on the picture below is Chisana - the cool princess, who just seems to look at things from her own perspective.
It will be a challenge to pick the ones who will stay with us, among this wild bunch. Once again, a litter that lives up to it´s theme - the wild, rushing and constantly changing rivers and streams, the beautiful, charming and calm, as well as mighty, mad, hurrying and dramatic waters. I most certainly hope they will all transform this into the harness one day :)

Individual pictures of each one of the brats will be part of the next post, which will focus more on their personalities and uncover the poll question "who is the biggest monster" :) Stay tuned!


Ivana said...

They are so sweet! I am anxious to see them, hopefully in one month time they won´t be big!!! mom

Albert A Rasch said...

Welcome to the OBS! If there is one thing I can't stand, it's puppy blogs!!! Do you have any idea how many I follow already? I just can't seem to help myself... And it drives my wife crazy because I am always going, "Honey you have to look at this one! Oh and this one too...and wait, here's another..."

Great blog and great pics!

Best regards,
Albert A Rasch
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Anonymous said...

Welcome as well. As a dog lover I can relate in a way. I have a best friend that is 1/2 German Shepard and 1/2 Siberian Husky.
I look forward to your posts.

Unknown said...

They are adorable! One of the cutiest litter i´ve ever seen.

Take care!


Rikke said...

Chisana has the exact face of my Tusse! Are you keeping all til 3 months?

Katerina said...

Thank you Albert and Rick! I sure enjoy being OBS member. Geez, there are so many cool blogs out there, including yours. I wonder if I read them all, when will I have time to be outdoors and write my blog! LOL

And not to worry, this blog isn´t just about puppies. I promise :)

Katerina said...

Yup, keeping all till 3 months, as usual. We´re having hard times deciding between the girls. They are just great in many, many ways. Thankfully, we´ve got one more month to see them develop while running in the woods and playing with the agility hurdles and tunnel :)

Katerina said...

Thank you Richard. We sure are very satisfied with them :)