Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alexandra's Birthday & House-Warming

The pictures do not really come in a proper order, so just enjoy the atmosphere :)
Malin in the early evening sun

Discussing cameras and other technical stuff

Enjoying coffee after a feast

This is the way we arrange flowers in the North - in the bucket :)

Photographing the honoree

Thorsten´s learning the grilling pros´ trick ;)

his heart had to have an extra beat, when he lent the buggie... :)

and here she is - the honoree herself!

Nice time by the fire (and smoke, to keep the bugs away)

the hour has advanced...

getting together to sing the Swedish birthday song,
under the direction of leader Britt-Marie

The late hour by the fire pit
Note: All pictures were taken by mobile phone, so please excuse the quality.

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