Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy Cats

If you want to visit us, you have to count with getting a stamp of aproval for parking your car, by our crazy cats Pippi and Ronja.

Literaly everyone who stops by or comes for a visit by car, will end up having their vehicle inspected by the kitties.

This became their habbit since they could jump high enough and dare you keeping your windows open, you will have them crowl inside too! They conquer small vehicles, dog trailers, tall dog trucks, vans, buses and do not even worry about scratching the nice polish on new Audis.

Usually, when we come home from shopping, they crowl up our front window (it is VERY narrow!) and walk over the roof, hang on the whipers and back mirrors and if we open the windows, we have them right on our laps.

Crazy cats indeed.

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