Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Day, Another Victory

Lucky has achieved another goal and even passed it!

She gained 50g over Wednesday and 100g yesterday!!! Although she is at the moment the lightest puppy in the litter, she is fast catching up with one of her brothers, by weighing only 30g less than him!

You can imagine the excitement around our household. There´s just two days left of the antibiotic treatment, then we´ll keep Lucky on the supplemental feeding for about two days more (as it contains colostrum and other imunoglobulines, and probiotics, that help protect her delicate stomach and imune system from any side effects of the antibiotics) and she should be back to her natural development.

By now she learned a great way of excepting the formula from the syrange, by sucking on my finger, while I carefully administer the liquid on her tongue in small amounts at a time. Yesterday she even switched to the baby bottle and drinks with a speed and enthusiasm that even an old sailor won´t have to be ashamed of. :)

Here is one of the videos to document the feeding of Lucky. Enjoy!

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