Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maya´s Vaccation

You have undoubtadly noticed that Maya is with us on this trip. She is thoroughfully enjoying having us just for herself, as well as having lots of totally new experiences and adventures. Ok, I will add her comment about the dirty thing we did today, by giving her a bath :)

She thinks sleeping in bed is quite cool, as well as the candy she gets from my parents, and the best of all is the lose running on the huge garden. She isn´t any extra special interested in Brandy and Pinny, although I reccon she and Brandy did remember and recognize each other.

On the walks yesterday and today, Maya found herself three new, very cool friends – the neighbours´ goats. She was a bit afraid of them at first, but they were so friendly and curious, that she soon learned they are fun to sniff and give kisses too. It is hilarious watching them playfully „attack“ her, showing how „tough“ they are, while she keeps totally cool. We took some videos and will upload them as soon as time allows. Another proof that siberians can be friendly with other animals. Stay tuned! :)

Maya will undergo surgery tomorrow, as we decided to spay her. Then she will be one spoiled dog with loads of that extra care during the recovery. Keep your fingers crossed, that all goes well!

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