Monday, May 4, 2009

As we drove South...

the landscape changed markantly. The deep swedish woods, still with patches of snow, turned into fields and meadows, mountains into flat lands, tiny villages into towns and cities.

The very first spring flowers that can be found in Vedjeön´s surroundings, have changed into fully blooming easter lillies further south. Tiny green leafs appeared on trees as we neared Sveg and Mora, and changed into full green trees on the costal sides in the south of the country.

We were taken away by the beauty of the spring flowers and many summer ones just starting as we arrived to Czech Republic, and had to take a walk as soon as we got to my parents´ place, down to the familiar river side, where I used to spend a lot of my teenage time, with my first huskies.

Here´s how the flora changed from our hilly northern Vedjeön, to Cernosice, on the outskirts of Prague. All within a few days:

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