Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finnmarkslopet 2009: One Little Curiosity

As I unpacked my things today, I realized I haven´t mentioned this special edition of Finnmarkslopet wine, produced each year in limited quantity.

Every year the wine has a different name of a checkpoint or place on the Finnmarkslopet trail. So may I present to you the 2009 Finnmarkslopet red wine named SKOGANVARRE:

As the quantity produced is quite limited, the wine is available in special wine shops in Alta only since the Friday before the race start, until it is sold out.
And since I had no time to buy a bottle before the hectic ceremonial start, neither after comming back to Alta, I was so happy when I got Paula´s message: "take a bottle from those I bought. It is from Mikael and I and is included in your handler contract" :) Thank you so much, guys!


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