Friday, July 25, 2008

Turn of the time

It happened today. After two months of it´s invisibility, the moon is back.

I watched it´s silver glowing around 10:30 pm and when I looked at the time, knowing that just a couple weeks ago we had sun shining at this time of the day (night), I felt a certain sadness.
Yes, I am a winter person, of course, I love mushing with my huskies in the fall and winter, BUT, the omnipresent sun and mainly light since the end of April is so positive! It has a great impact on one´s psychique and while the days are getting longer, one feels happy and optimistic, while when they start shortening, the darkness arrives sooner and sooner and the eyes and the soul are not used to being surrounded by it. It does get on your mind.

Today´s moon silver presence, as well as the darkness that sat down upon the dog yard, kennels, our garden and the surrounding forrest, are a clear sign of the nordic summer´s end. By the end of August, it will be dark at nights completely and stars will start popping out on the skyes.

It will be time to start hooking the dogs up more regulary, so when September arrives, none of us will be surprised with longer, harder runs.
This year´s goals are tougher than last year, hance, they are the biggest of all we have so far made!

We have a great pool of dogs this year, some still a bit young and less experienced, but very talented. So here goes looking forward to working with them all, looking forward to the turn of the time!


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