Friday, July 25, 2008

Tropical days

My latest most favourite target for my walks is the Vedjeön island. It does have a lot to do with the recent heat wave, so the dogs that acompany me and I are always looking forward to reaching the beach and cool down in the cold, crystal clear water.

Skittles had a nice swim the other day and today Jachym went we me and we took Babeli with us.
Now, the thing with Babeli is that she HATES water. I remember clearly when she had her puppies Comet and Star, how panicked she was every time it rained. She hid in the house and hopelessly tried to get her daughters join her inside. She licked the rain drops from their coats thoroughfully and we alwys laughed hard.

Well, today we decided to take her with us as we needed to give her a bath and thought it is better to do it in the lake than in our very small bathroom - in a shower corner.
Babeli ran lose all the time (yeah, she is one of those "super siberians"), came on command each time when called and when we reached the beach, she even ran into the water to drink and cool off. The lake was perfectly still at the little lagune, which I found out the dogs see much more incuraging to get in, than if winds blow and create the same waves as sea.

Since I had to make Babeli wet all over her body, I brought her far and deep enough, so she would actually have to take a swim. She did and my shorts got wet allmost all the way up, so it was no point of trying to stay dry anymore.
After Babeli´s bath Jachym and I went in, while she was drying up on the shore, licking any remains of water off her coat desperatly.

So, today actually marks our historic first day when we actually had a real swim in the notoriously cold Vattudalen, where the temperature of water doesn´t usually climb over 10°C on the warmer days! :)

Jachym was very brave and didn´t even turn blue, although I couldn´t understand when he tried to talk as his chin was a bit frozen :)

But it sure was very refreshing on this tropical day. Tomorrow it is forecasted even hoter! And we are supposed to do a presentaion of our Nordic Husky Farm Outdoor Adventure Company ( as well as a demo drive with a dog team. Well, we already cancelled the ride and will bring only two huskies and some equipment to show, etc.

Our plan is to jump into the cool waters as soon as we´re back - this time with proper gear - swimming suits, beach towels, etc. We´ll take some photos too!

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