Sunday, August 12, 2007


Yesterday, I have for the first time changed the time of the day for my hike. I went in the morning, after breakfast, instead of the late evenings I´ve been used to. The reason was that I get very tired physically lately, since we returned back, and in the evenings, after dinner and feeding our huskies, I usually almost sleep while walking or just standing. I feel like I am having a lack of sleep. So I decided to follow the needs of my body, as on Friay I couldn´t get myself to take the hike in the evening, and went to bed instead. We trained the dogs quite early in the morning too, and the whole day Conny and I worked in the forrest, clearing our training trail from summer grown bushes, so I had quite a lot of excercise anyway.

So, yesterday I walked before noon. I also walked further up the road, prolonging the distance as I promissed in the last entry, from 2,5 to roughly 3,2 km. I still have to measure it properly. And I walked in a pretty heavy rain. By the time I was back, there weren´t many parts of me dry :)
But I felt good - somehow like an extra acomplishment, something like testing my will, as I didn´t use the weather as an excuse. So that felt good :)

With prolonging the distance I have also noticed something - knowing that I will walk further, as I planned it, was easier for me to pass the old turning place, having my mind set on a longer walk. I also started somewhat "relaxed" tempo and worked myself up to a more steady performance and noticed an increased speed further down the trail. There are also some slite uphills and downhills on the new stretch, and I found out having no dificulties, or need to slow down on the uphills.
I also walked with a sharp speed (without sticks) a bit under a kilometer yesterday afternoon, to work on the trail in the forrest, without heavy breathing.
All and all, as I don´t have any personal trainer to tell me, I feel and believe, I can move on to much longer distance, thinking of 4-5km. I will try it out and see how I feel. At this point though, I believe it is only a matter of the psychical part, not the physical.

Well, but now I am off for a fruity breakfast (yes, if you noticed the time I am writing this, I slept in today, to catch up with my needs) and then a long time aimed for walk in the forrest with four grown up puppis.

More about today later, looks like I´m gonna excercise and sing along in the rain again :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Katerina,

How nice to see that you are sticking to your plan! Our new "gadget" the Pawtrekker is, by the way, an excellent way to exercise both humans and if you don't have enough things to use your money on ;)


Katerina said...

Thanks for "dropping by" again, Kari :) Glad to find out people actualy really follow my blog :)

I guess the Pawtrekker must be great!

Talking of investments, I don´t remember when we last bought something for ourselves - but we do have another ATV, puppy fence (which meant giving away another piece of our garden), racing sled, etc. :) - Musher´s life! :o)