Wednesday, June 13, 2007


No, no, I don´t find my daily walks dificult at all. In fact, I start to like them more and more. They help to clear my head and I find them very effective also against mental and physical exhaustion, stress, hurting back, etc.

What I find very dificult is finding and taking the time for my work outs, for cooking the right meals, and simply for making time every day just for myself, and incorporating it into my busy schedule. It takes only one work "problem" that needs some sovling or a sudden unexpected development of the day, or a visit, etc., to prevent me from taking time to cook a nice, healthy lunch or dinner, to have a proper breakfast by the table, to go hiking before midnight, etc., etc.
And somehow I am getting the message gradully, that the whole "losing weight" and "getting in shape" issue that millions of us are facing every day, is about MAKING that time for us, for our healthy eating, and prioritizing our activities and schedules.
Being a dog musher and owner of neraly 40 dogs that need their ideal diet and excercise as well, in order to be happy and perform well as sled dogs, and a company to run, etc., it is really a dificult stuff for me to prioritize, organize and mainly STICK TO all my activities.
I guess this journey will not be only about getting in shape and losing weight, but also about learning how to "work" with my time.

BTW: I haven´t seen TV for over 2 months (never been a big watcher anyway) and "cut" full lenght movies to one single "movie night" :)
The reason I write this is to send along the message that TV steals a lot of our/your time, and I am luckily aware of it! On the other hand what I miss is reading my beloved books. I just barely think of the day´s recapitulation, and I sleep like a log :)

Oops, I almost forgot a report from today´s hike. Although Cher and I took it easy today and I played some of her songs from the 80´s that are slower, I still made those +-2,5km in 27 minutes - exactly same time as yesterday.
I also have one funny "story" from today - on the way back (I walk to a certain point and then turn around, it isn´t a loop), surrounded by bushes, I felt something or someone is watching me. I looked to the left, and in the high grass, by a drive way to a summer cabin, I saw a movement. I thought that I am halucinating, as there wes standing a brown/white German boxer, watching me with great interest. I stopped dead, but when he aproached me, I realized that he is real :) He was very friendly and shortly a lady apeared from the bushes and greeted me. If you knew the place where we live, you would be very surprised of such "meeting", way past 10:00 pm, too :)


P.S. It was +6°C this morning - YUPEEE! So we DID train our huskies and intend to do so tomorrow too. I have a few pics, so let me find some time and I will post them here shortly.

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