Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It´s been this blog and journal´s first week birthday today, and more importantly - my training program´s first week "aniversary" :)


And how did I celebrate it? With excercise, of course!

I worked out on Total Gym (saying that I worked out on Chuck Norris just didn´t come out right :o)) and I "drove" Da Bike, which got me pretty moving. Fifteen minutes of warm up was just enough, plus abot 25 minutes of workout on Total Gym.
I even got a "present" for the aniversary - Jachym printed out a manual to Total Gym, from the internet, so I refreshed some excercises after the years of not using this machine. I am really looking forward to the push-ups and sit-ups on it, because that will sooner or later show up on my Mishelin type stomach (or I should say the tire around it :o)) and my butt.

Strawberries, apples and a bannana were a real treat today too :)

I topped the celebration with a fast hike (and OH, I am SO GOOD - I went at 9:00 pm finally!), but performed carefully with long reaches of the telescopic sticks (not the geezer style or a disco freak style), eventhough another portion of Cher was quite fast again. This time "Taxi, taxi" and "Walking in Memphis", etc. Next time I´m leaving the old lady home and will have to think of something else.

I have one personal ecomplishment after this week - started with nearly 40 minute walks (what was I doing out there??) and the past three walks were cut to around 30 minutes. Today it was 27.

My plan for the starting second week is to either prolong the distance, or have two walks a day - one in morning, one in evening. And to add old Chuck and Da Bike to my regular rutine.

As for dieting - I am quite satisfied with the way it is now, just should add more meat and fish to the diet. I have cut the carbohydrates to a nice level and changed the source - more rice, less pasta. Have reintroduced more salads and mainly fruits again - which I have been lazy to make before. I am a very happy woman, as my partner likes salads and the healthy stuff I cook, as well as dark breads, etc.

Bring on the next seven days!


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