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I am very excited to announce that I have completed my first e-book!
Let me officially present:

Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way
Recipes, Remedies and Health Tips
from Katerina's Canine Kitchen

by Katerina Paleckova

Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way is now available for purchase and download online.

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Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way is a 33 page electronic publication based on my 20+ years experience with animal nutrition and health care and is my first book released. 

Living with dogs and raising, training and racing my Siberian huskies, plus working in the field of pet nutrition led me to not only developing serious interest in animal nutrition and health care, but set me on the journey of constantly improving our feeding program and learning many fascinating natural health care approaches, which I call the "Natural Way".

Currently, I live with my partner and nearly sixty four-legged "children" in the rugged wilderness of Northern Sweden, where I not only raise, train and race our dogs and live a simple, yet very full-filling life, but also write articles, books and publications oriented mainly on natural, holistic nutrition, health care and positive communication with animals.

Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way is divided to three parts:

1. Kibble Just Won´t Do
  • Information about nutrition
  • Healthy diet composition and ingredients
  • Nutritional facts
2. Recipes And Remedies
  • Healthy homemade breakfasts, snacks, main meals, treats and rewards
  • Remedies and cures
3. Tips, References And Links
  • Useful feeding tips and guidelines
  • References
  • Links
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ORDER your copy here - PDF or CD format
here - Kindle Edition on Amazon

What you will find in Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way:
  • How to easily compose healthy nutrition
  • Tips for smooth diet change
  • Is raw or cooked meat better?
  • Healthy, natural puppy weaning formula
  • Feeding tips for poor eaters
  • Feeding healthy and cost effectively in multiple pet household or kennel
  • Treating diarrhea naturally
  • How to boost immune system of sick, old or recovering pets
  • Recipes suitable for pets with allergies, sensitive stomachs, kidney/liver problems and more
  • The "secret" for great health and longevity
  • Where to get ingredients
  • What herbs to use
    .... and so much more!

Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way offers 28 RECIPES and 9 REMEDIES including Recipe Suitability Guide for easy navigation.

>> Click here to view a SAMPLE RECIPE <<

>> Click here for a SAMPLE REMEDY <<

ORDER your copy here - PDF or CD format
here - Kindle Edition on Amazon

Here is what readers have to say about Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way:

"Feeding Your Pets the Natural Way" by Katerina Paleckova, is a simple-to-use recipe book that covers all of the basic nutrients that pets need in their diet, along with recipes for puppies, adult dogs, athletic dogs, treats, and even homemade remedies for when your pooch isn't feeling his perkiest. 

This informative book explains the differences between using raw versus cooked meats and gives us various sources of carbohydrates, veggies, and fats and oils that we can incorporate into our pets diets in order to keep them healthy and happy. 

Written by someone who is traveling along an off beaten path, the book gives a good base for those who want steer clear of processed foods and who want to transition over to home-prepared diets for their pets.

I recommend this book for the pet owner who is looking to join the pet revolution and fight the war against highly-processed foods."  

Pet Nutrition Blogger - Rodney Habib

"This book IS exactly what I have been looking for... for years... and never found.
In the past I had very seriously considered feeding a raw/natural diet, but found myself confused, and the books I read not really helpful because there was only a small section on feeding naturally.
Thank You... Thank you... Thank you...for taking the time out of your life to write this book!
I know it will help a lot of people who are on the cusp of wanting to feed their dogs better but don't know exactly how" -- Chaya Palos, Alaska, USA, owned by a small pack of retired sled dogs

"I absolutely love this book! Informative and comprehensive." -- Eva Cornelius, pet owner from Ohio, USA

"I just finished reading Feeding Your Pets the Natural Way and I like it a lot. It is written simply, logically and practically. It is full of practical advice, ideas and recipes, and it doesn't contain complicated charts, everything comes directly from daily practice and experience.

Because I work with dogs every day and have a chance to see their health and the positive effect of natural nutrition, I really recommend this book to everybody who loves their dogs and wants to give them the best.
I find it great that the book not only covers nutrition and supplements for healthy pets, but a big part is focused also on nutrition for sick animals.
All the ingredients listed in recipes and remedies are easy to find, inexpensive and I was surprised how many of them are actually growing right around me! I most sincerely recommend this book!"
 -- Katerina Schanelcova, Czech Republic, veterinary technician and professional dog handler, owner of border collie Krupka and Dutch shepherd Airin

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ORDER your copy here - PDF or CD format
here - Kindle Edition on Amazon

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Great book. You can also visit my blog - Susu Pet - for more tips

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This could be of real help fro taking proper care of my pets, hope so that this will help me a lot to get some really interesting and amazing tips for my pet's health. I had been getting ideas from the Pet Grooming Tips to groom my pet well and without any worries or tensions.

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