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Wild Herbs For Your And Your Animals´ Health Online Course

I am excited to open this LIVE STREAMED ONLINE SERIES for everyone interested in exploring the world of Wild Herbs around them and learning how, with the help of these Nature´s gifts, you can support your and your animals´ health.

What Will You Learn?
  • You will get to know around 30 wild herbs that grow in most parts of the world and are relatively common.

  • You will learn how to recognize them, ethically harvest and process them, in which areas and environments to look for them, about their vegetation time, when do they bloom, etc.

  • Their medicinal properties, what preparation forms are the most effective from each specific herb, dosage for people and animals, safety, contra-indications and cautions

  • Which wild herbs are safe for dogs, cats, horses, chickens, people and some other species

  • Which of the presented herbs have medicinal and which nourishing value

  • I will share my personal experience with each of the presented wild herbs, in my home apothecary, kitchen, and health care for my animals, as well as some cases from my herbal and nutritional consulting practice over the years
All of the presented herbs in the series are herbs from my personal repertoire - meaning they are all my allies I turn to for help with FIRST AID, SUPPORTIVE or MAIN THERAPY, specific ORGAN SUPPORT, as NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS, for SPECIFIC AILMENT RELIEF - for both people and the non-human animals, as well as IN MY KITCHEN and PANTRY.

Why Wild Herbs?

Here are some of the reasons:

  • There is a lot known and available information about the medicinal use and benefits of herbs such as Calendula, Chamomile, Mint, etc. but less about the wild herbs (specially for animals)

  • Many people do not have the possibility to grow their own herbs but many wild herbs can be foraged (with emphasis on ethical harvest!) for example while you are hiking or walking your dog.

  • Wild herbs are cool! All the joking aside, they are as "organic" as can be, they are rich in medicinal and nourishing compounds (some even richer than some vegetables and fruits!) and they are a very important part of self-sufficient herbalism and traditional folk herbalism, meaning the knowledge about them should be kept alive just as our grandmother´s recipes for the best cakes.
How Is The Course Going To Be Practically?

Imagine a herbarium, but instead of a book form, it is online.
The chosen language for the entire course is ENGLISH, with botanical (latin) names of the herbs mentioned as well, of course!
Once you register, you will be invited to a private closed Facebook GROUP.
In this group, designated just to this course participants, I will LIVE STREAM 1-2 episodes with a specific HERB PROFILE.
The live streamed episodes will take place OUTDOORS, in the NATURE!
That way I will get to share with you not only the herbs and show you where they grow, but also the beautiful northern nature that surrounds my home.
No boring "behind the desk" kind of live-stream and as live as if you were on a herb walk with me!
The HERB PROFILES are not going to follow in alphabetical order, but in SEASONAL ORDER, meaning you will get introduced to each herb at the exact season and time she is growing/blooming/ready to gather.
This will allow you to directly use the knowledge and information obtained in the course and find the herb in your surroundings, harvest and make remedies, and start immediately applying her benefits for supporting your and your animals´ health.
(For example start making and drinking a tea, or add the herb to your animal´s food as supplement, make a syrup, etc.)
I will post in the group when is the next live steamed episode going to take place (date and time) and what wild herb I will be presenting.
Each EPISODE will allow you to write questions in comments and I will answer as many questions as I can at the end of the live stream.
The episode will then be recorded and kept in the group for your later viewing. That way, if you are in a different time zone or cannot for some reason participate live, you will be able to watch it how many times you want later, at your convenience.

How Long Is The Course And When Does It Start?

The first herb profile will be live streamed at the beginning of May when the first wild plant on my list emerges from underneath the snow!
I will introduce the herbs in the live streamed episodes in a sequence of 1-2x per week throughout the spring, summer and fall, until the end of September.
The group and all the recorded videos will be available for each participant until March 31, 2023.

When Is The Sign Up Deadline?

Since this online series follows the vegetation period of the wild herbs and is generally unique in several ways, being available for a year, there is NO DEADLINE:

You can sign up any time. As soon as you register, you will be automatically invited to the group and can start watching all the recorded videos of wild herbs I already introduced and watch live all the upcoming ones.

Registration Information

To register for the Wild Herbs For Your And Your Animals´ Health LIVE STREAM series, please send message to Katerina´s Natural Way FB page or email to
Please include:

- "Wild Herbs Series" in the subject line
- Your full name
- Your address
- Your email address (in case you are signing up via fb/messenger
- Your chosen method of payment (see below)
You will receive confirmation of your sign up within 48 hours and once your payment is registered you will receive invitation to join the group.

Course Cost And Payment

The cost of the Wild Herbs For Your And Your Animals´ Health LIVE STREAM series is 690SEK, which equals (depending on exchange rate) 69USD or 69EUR.
You can choose from the following payment methods (please state which one you chose when signing up):
  • SWISH (Swedish system): 0768269256 Katerina Paleckova

  • Zettle secure online card payment (you will be sent payment request when you choose this method)

  • PayPal:
Contact Information
For any additional information and questions:

Send email to or message to Katerina’s Natural Way fb page

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