Sunday, July 9, 2017

Paying Attention To The Dogs´ Needs For Fasting: A More Spiritual Approach And A Few Herbs To Help With Nourishing And Cleansing

Couple of weeks ago, we felt our dogs´ needed a day of fasting. They all felt "stuffed", some ate reluctantly, some did not even touch their food and some did not look hungry at all, despite normally being ALWAYS hungry.

We honored their choice and gave the entire pack a day of fasting, 24 hours to be exact for the adults and 12 hours for the puppies and special needs dogs (aka "The Specials").

The very next day I received a number of messages from my clients and friends asking me for advice as their dogs did not want to eat the same day as ours!

I intuitively looked into my lunar desk calendar and found what I was kind of suspecting - the Moon was a quarter phase in her waxing process.

The recommendations in the calendar for that day clearly said: "This is a good day for fasting to gently cleanse and support your health".

Of course this was meant for humans, but I am sure, in fact, I have no doubt that since the Moon influences not only us humans, but also plants, it must logically have the same impact on animals.

This made me want to become a little fly and visit the forest to see what the wild animals do on the different Moon phases, do they also fast then? A whole train of thoughts ran through my head.

It also made me realize how important it is to pay attention to our animals, to get their "message" and request and to honor their needs and wishes.

The dogs were hungry as wolves again the next day, all full of spark, all rejuvenated from the extra time given to process and distribute the energy they have received both from their nutrition on the previous days, and also from this extra time.

The practice of fasting (for our dogs and ourselves alike) is nothing new to me, but this time it felt different - somehow more spiritual and more about the energy.

That is why I picked up the clear message to follow the dogs´ instincts more and sometimes let go of scheduled, all science based methodical nutritional plans, and just tap into the sphere of feeling.

And just like feeling the dogs´ urge and need for fasting on that special day, I intuitively followed by adding some nourishing, yet gently cleansing, Energy moving herbs and other natural supplements to the dogs´ next meal.

Here is the more "labeled" version of this protocol, in case you might be interested:

Gentle Replenishing, Energy Boosting and Cleansing Natural Protocol Following a Day of Fasting

1 tsp Chlorella (powdered)
1 tsp ground Flax seed
1 tsp ground Milk Thistle seed
1 tsp Kelp
1/4 tsp Islandic Sea Corrals

1 tbs each of the following Fresh Herbs, finely chopped:
- Dandelion leaf
- Greater Plantain leaf
- Chickweed

This formula calls for a dog with body weight of approximately 20kg (45-50lbs)
Adjust accordingly for smaller and larger dogs. It is suitable also for cats.

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