Friday, January 30, 2015

Two of My Most Favorite Smoothies

Howdy all!

I am soooo behind with my blogging - or I should say with my real blog blogging, because I am actually not totally idle and mute and I did not cut off the sharing of our daily life in the woods with our huskies and pursuing of our wilderness homesteading dream!

As a matter of fact, I´ve been (what I call) "mini" blogging a lot on my Facebook page and sharing tons of pictures on Instagram. You should really check both of these hubs out, because I have some real nice pictures there and also some info on Herbs for Dogs and some natural nutrition and health care advice, etc. 

Anyhow, today I´ve decided to share something healthy, holistic and totally delicious for the humans  - two of my most favorite smoothies :)

Super easy to make, completely vegan (although you can use cows milk if you want), ideal for detox protocols and fasting days, but also as a healthy breakfast or snack. 

Try them out and let me know how you like them!

Have a great day and happy trails!

Blueberry Delight

1/2 banana

1/2 large pear

1,5dl young barley juice (you can use kale, but young barley is so much more packed with vitmains, minerals and aminoacids)

1 dl coconut milk (can also be almond)

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tbs pumpkin seeds

Handful of blueberries


Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

1/2 banana

 1/2 avocado

 5 strawberries

 5-10 almonds

 1/2 tbs pumpkin seeds

 1 tsp flax seed

 1,5 dl young barley juice (you can use kale)

 1 dl coconut milk (or almond)

 1 tsp coconut oil

 1/3 of large pear

All of the amounts in both smoothies count for one person and they make one large glass, or about 400ml.


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