Monday, January 14, 2013

The Story Of The Mop

Have I mentioned lately that Granite is a very special dog? Right. I already hear your answer. Yes, I have been pointing that out constantly. But have I actually mentioned that he is a bit crazy too?

He loves toys. Just like any properly, from head to toes spoiled kid, Granite loves toys. He loves "murdering" them, especially those with some fluff or fabric sticking out.

I went shopping today and brought home a new mop. As soon as I took it out of the bag, Granite spotted it and showed some real interest. 

I was silly enough to show it to him closely and he grabbed it and danced away from me with the mop in his mouth. He then went through the entire process of killing it and then ripping it, fortunately not succeeding. The mop survived.

Before I was allowed to take it and replace the old mop with this new one, I had to play the tug of war game. When Granite finally let go, I changed the mop and went to to unpack the groceries and tend to some chores.

Half a minute later I heard a strange noise from the kitchen. This is what I found:

Yup, he took the new mop, HIS new mop including the handle to play with it.

He played with it quite hard. Until he fell asleep.

Fighting such a monster makes one sooo tired! And guarding it from the other dogs - just exhausting!

I got a question the other day from an acquaintance, if our house dogs aren´t bored. You know, huskies in the house.
Obviously, she has no idea how inventive my dogs are!

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