Thursday, December 27, 2012

Presto, Farewell My Friend

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but I actually did have the honor of sharing part of my life with a horse. And not just any horse. His name was Presto and he taught me lessons of love, life, friendship and partnership I will cherish forever.

It was one of the most difficult decisions in my life to move to Sweden without my friend, but I believe it was the less selfish one and Presto stayed with our friends Milena and Alexander and their horses - Presto´s friends. We made occasional visits with him when we had a chance while visiting Czech Republic and I always had tears in my eyes when he greeted me vocally after such a long time of not seeing each other.

I kept hoping and planning that one day I could bring him over here for a retirement life, but fate had other plans. This morning we received the news from Alexander, that Presto died on Christmas.

How interesting that the sorrow we feel over the loss of someone dear has the same dimensions no matter how far apart and for how long you two have been.
The whole day I´ve been numb. And whatever I´ve been doing, images of Presto and I, our happy times together kept dancing in front of my eyes like a colorful a slideshow. 

I close my eyes. I feel we stand together on a pasture on a sunny, breezy day. Gentle hug around your majestic neck, a gentle kiss on your soft nose, and on last time my hands slide through your shiny black mane. 

I remember, as if it was just yesterday, how I came from work and walked up the hill to the pasture, where you enjoyed yourself, enjoyed being just a horse, playing with a herd of your friends. I remember sitting down in the grass, reading Monty Roberts´ books and learning from you how to communicate with you properly. You always came to me with interest and anticipation of fun. I am so happy I chose that path to be and work with you.

You were the one who taught me how to love horses, how to listen to your kind, but also how to ride, how to lose my fear and how to trust you.

You were one of a kind. And I feel so honored that I could share my life with you.

You were and are always on my mind, always by my side, now in spirit, but I still feel your presence.

You were and are deeply loved and admired.

Forgive me all my imperfections and any wrongs I may have done to you in the ignorance of a beginner and a human. 

Thank you. 

Farewell, and until we meet again, rest in peace, my Friend.

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