Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trail Breaking and the Last ATV Run of the Season

The white gold we´ve all been waiting for impatiently as rain and freeze have turned our trails into ice glazed hell, has finally arrived! 
One day, it just started snowing and blowing, the wind picked on intensity and before we knew it, a blizzard was in the making. 

The next day, it was time to head out for a training run and I once again listened to my gut feeling when I took Jachym along. We got stuck. We turned onto forest road that seemed to be plowed only to find out after several hundred meters that the car that broke the trail got stuck and had to back up. The brave half sisters in lead Tazlina and Skittles did a great job and on my "on-by" jumped out of the open trail into neck deep snow. They hesitated, turned their heads at me and gave me both the look of "mom, what now? do you want us to continue?" No, I didn´t. I had no desire to ask my team to do this and then only get stuck later on with the heavy ATV and two people on it. They are great, honest and hard working dogs. They´d do just about anything we´d ask them. And that is why I turned them around, and we headed out for a fast,  "fun" fun alongside the main road.

We had fun driving through the neighboring village of Renan, watching all the Christmas decorations and charming lights people put around their houses. Now, with all around covered in white, the coziness of these christmas lights in the windows, and lit up christmas trees became much more obvious. 
We also managed to unwilingly "visit" one of the houses, when the girls suddenly decided to enter someone´s driveway, but thankfully we managed to get them pointed the right direction again :)
The neighbors´s dogs were surprised at the 16 curly tails passing by and our guys were amazed at seeing other dogs after a long time (yeah, here´s why we´re called the "Vedjeön Hillbiliies" :))

The dogs did an awesome job today and we had a great run after all. And I hope I can now pronounce the ATV season as officially finished! Bring on the snow and the sleds!

The trail breaking team, led by Taz and Skittles

Rolling down the swamp and Lillsjön creek on the way home.

Happy Trails!

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