Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mud and Ice Everywhere...

Unless you´re a musher from Alaska or basically anywhere in the USA or Canada (those guys just stole our cold weather! :)), you know painfully well what this post title means.

But I am not going to complain here about not enough mileage on the dogs, warm and very humid weather, muddy training runs or the cursed recent ice that forced us to retreat by the fireplace.
Ok, I will complain a little, but it will not bring us snow nor below zero temps, and most certainly will not put a smile on my face. I know that fellow mushers throughout Scandinavia suffer the same. 

Anyway, I thought to keep you all up to date on the latest happenings here at Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels.

Sandra as a happy camper with the puppy team
The major downer is the leaving of Sandra, our very reliable and overall great handler. Sandra´s mom underwent an extremely complicated and painful surgery and Sandra is back home, helping take care of her. We all hope for her return whenever it´s possible and wish her mom a speedy recovery!

On the positive note we were fortunate enough to find temporary help rather quickly. Martyna Szczykutowicz is an experienced dog handler, husky lover and a passionate rescue and re-homing volunteer from Poland. And thank to that, all the special needs dogs at the kennel are being exercised on a daily basis and chores are done much quicker.

While the weather is testing us like this the past few days, we have decided it was a perfect opportunity to work in detail on plans for this year´s racing season, the 2012 sponsoring program and -- our new website.

First of all, let me introduce new sponsor and partner of Kipp d´Amundsen Team - Blomyard.Se Kreativ Reklam

This Strömsund based small business has a huge and flexible offer of advertising services, they print posters, prints, cards, stickers, business cards, brochures, design websites, etc. They will be giving a "face" to our dog truck and a proper presentation of our main sponsors on it :) Thank you so much Ylwa and team!

While we have updated the SPONSOR A DOG program, made actualization of the popular ADVERTISING and other sponsoring and support possibilities, we would also like to proudly announce, that we have teamed up with THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE (partners of The Petfinder.Com) and HUSKY ADOPCJE (read this blog post) and while fundraising for our upcoming season, we´ll be as well fundraising and donating to these two great organisations to help animals in need.

We are very excited about these partnerships.

If you would like to see how you can help both - The Kipp d´Amundsen Team and dogs and cats in shelters, needing surgeries and medical treatments, while forever homes for them are being sought, please take a look here.

All this brings me to the final and one of the most exciting news - our new official website has been finally launched! A project we´ve been working on for the past year and never seemed to be able to finish it. A huge and grateful thank you to Martyna for the great and patient help (not only making great banners and other graphic work, but also for the care taking of the dogs while we slept after our 4:00 bed times the past three days)!!!

Jachym is still tweaking some details, but with no further due, here it is, the loved and hated final product, which I hope will serve you well in providing information about our dogs, kennel and happenings:

Please, also note not only the new website address, but also new email address, which you will find in the "contact" section. 

Please be patient with us as we still have to develop couple of pages and some of the dogs´s presentations, which is fairly difficult with the heavy training underway.

Hoping to go out for a few longer runs in the upcoming days (the weather forecast promises some rain showers - aaaah, so "motivating"!) 

Anyway, hope everyone´s safe and sound and here´s to all my fellow co-sufferers - Let´s all think SNOW!

Happy Trails!

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Sandra said...

Hi Katerina,

Thank you for your support, my mom also appreciates it very much! We hope snow is coming soon. Take care, Sandra