Sunday, September 18, 2011

May I Present to You....


The Spices II Puppy Name Challenge has it´s results finally!! We got a huge response from friends all over the world, sending in name suggestions and voting in the puppy name challenge poll. Huge thank you for all the lovely name ideas! 

So, with no further due, let me present to you (in our traditional way of presenting - in order as they were born):

SUGAR Kipp d´Amundsen

JUNIPER Kipp d´Amundsen

PEPPER Kipp d´Amundsen

SAGE Kipp d´Amundsen

Sugar, Juni, Pepper and Sagey, as they are now known, have all opened their eyes by now and start exploring the world around them through other senses than just their super sensitive noses :)
They will celebrate their two-weeks birthday tomorrow night and have their "eyes open" pictures taken.

Thank you all once again for joining the Kipp d´Amunsen team in the very important task of puppy naming!

Happy Trails!


bea's blog said...

The puppy cam ist great!!!!
Cute pix!!!
❤ ❤ ❤

Kiniak said...

Just pure sweetness!!! Do you have still available pups?