Friday, February 11, 2011

Roroslopet 2011 - prerace greetings

Wow, time certainly flies!
It feels like so much has happened between our first race of the season Hallingenlopet and now.

As I´m typing, we´re on our way to Norway again, 18 of our furry friends on the truck, heading to Roros for the Roroslopet 2011.

This time a bit more relaxed race schedule = 2x40km. The race trail leads to the mountains and we are excited to explore not just the beauty of Norwegian mountain landscape, but also the surroundings of the famous Femundlopet, one of the toughest distance events out there.

Except for the absolutely shocking news of us actually packing in time, having a decent sleep and delay of only 1 hour, I have another exciting news to share:
This time the Kipp d´Amundsen kennels will have two teams in the race, meaning that Jachym is also racing this weekend! Pretty cool, huh?!!

So with no further due, here are the tams we´ll be starting with tomorrow morning:

Katerina´s Team:

Galena Rapid
Magpie Snowy
Tazlina Krtek
Goosak Chilli
Grayling Nugget

Jachym´s Team:

Ziggi Skittles
Misa Star
Canuck Runner
Comet Frostie

There are 4 teams entered in the open class, out of which 2 are all sibe teams, and 12 teams in the 8 dog class with 3 all sibe teams.

This will actually be a bit challenging race for us as one of Jachym´s main leaders Skittles is in heat and all the boys are nuts about her! Plus we have no handler or helper with us at all.

The sun is shining, it´s 20 below and we´re excited!

Will update from Roros as soon as we get chance.

Until then, happy trails!

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