Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wild Puppy Run

While the past couple days were so successful in terms of running dogs and trying new things (see my past blog post), I decided this morning for yet another "first" :)

While the "CH´s" (Chip, Chisana and Lucky), the "Northern Exposures" (Joey and Maggie) and the "I´s" (Iceman, Inuk, Snorka and Modra) have been harnessbroken during the spring and have been on quite an amount of short runs to the island with a wheeled cart, they never ran in a bigger team nor infront of the ATV.

Led by professore of leading Bliss (can you believe she´s already 11,5 ?)and her royal highness Mouse, with assistance of experienced but retired from racing Babeli (12) and Maya, the nine rookies were hooked up on the long mainstring line.

Mouse, totally satisfied with her self - as a leader and as mother of perspective kids!

Super-Bliss harnessbroke another bunch of puppies for us this spring and summer.

Harnessing the screaming and over excited bunch was actually easy (they´ve been through this the whole summer), but asking them to stand on place once hooked up, while waiting for the rest of the team to be hooked, was a task that took a lot of patience from all three of us (Jachym, our handler Tiiu and myself).
I knew that this run won´t be possible without Jachym acompanying me on the ATV.

But once a few extra experts were untangled and straightened out for a millionth time (here I have to praize those cool puppies, who didn´t make the fuss such as Modra, Chisana, Lucky, Chip and Inuk), we were finally on our way.
The run was simply awsome, with everyone working their little puppy butts off and once underway, no one actually thought about tangling, turning around or being hysteric in any sort of way.

The age difference between the CH´s and the rest was obvious and those three dogs amaze me every time I hook them up. They´re quiet and totally cool under any circumstances after their mom Star, and strong, driven and fast.

Chip ran like a pro and was the definite star of the bunch. At only one year, he is one of my top favorites and I have a strong feeling about this guy´s future as a sled dog.

Chippewa Kipp d´Amundsen aka CHIP
(out of NorthWapiti´s Captain Canuck x Flaming Star Kipp d´Amundsen)

I am also impressed about Modra, being all business and screaming to go any time we stop. She is a responsible little smartie-head and her ability and willingness to learn is very obvious.

Modra (INUIT Kipp d´Amundsen - out of Gold Nugget Kipp d´Amundsen x Anumati z Uralu)

Iceman and Joey are also among the most noticable from the group, leaning into their harnesses with all they´ve got. They´re all power.

So this 4km run was another great success and we all came home with smiles and pride.

Go babies, go!

Babeli and Modra
Brothers Inuk and Iceman

Chisana and Maggie

Lucky and Snorka

Joey aka "Mr.Joe-Joe"

Chip and Maya


yukonmusher said...

Modra is beautiful :)

Katerina said...

Thank you, I will tell her :)