Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mom´s Favourite Daughter...and Vice Versa

Mouse is one of the top favourites around here. Her Royal Highness is not just rediculously beautiful, but she is funny and smart beyond imagination.

That she will turn out to be a great mom, came as no surprise to us.

She gave us 7 gorgeous puppies and it was extremly dificult to not hold on to all of them. Mouse probably has the same meaning about her adorred children. But she has a specific favourite in Modra (officially Inuit Kipp d´Amundsen). And not only is this blue eyed version of Mouse a clone, whom she charishes, she decided to teach her everything. From the lady-like and royalty behaviour to who knows what kind of secrets.

These two became unseparable. And Modra follows her mom like a shadow. Want some proofs? Here you are:

"Follow me, my daughter"

Chatting about stuff

"Mom showed me the world from the top"
Modra totally worships her mother. I really believe that Mouse is her idol.
One sure learns a lot about the family life of dogs every day.


Ivana said...

Hope Mouse does not teach Modra chewing pillows....Ivana

Anonymous said...

just found your site from Homestead Survival. Yes Modra is Bautiful. i see this is 2 years old. are they both Healthy? very touching. kay