Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Dasher

On my way back home from Prague this past Monday, I brought with me this little, charming young man :)

We met him and his siblings already in January, when we visited our friends Richard and Ingela - his breeders (Isdimma Kennel).

Dasher is son to our Canuck, and his mom Denahi is a grand-daughter of our "professor of leading" Bliss.
He does have a star background, with several Iditarod finishing ancestors, as well as Finnmarkslopet 1000km, Femundlopet 600km and other distance races finishers. His pedigree will be posted soon on our website.

What really got me, was how incredibly easy he took the hustle at the airport, the flight and the long drive to his new home.
When we took him out the next day, to slowly introduce him to the "gang" (aka the "I" and "NE" litters), which is double the size and age, we were once again in awe, when se saw him getting used to the brats without a blink of an eye. Sooner than we knew, he was running in the middle of the pack, as we took them all for their beloved walk in the woods.

Dasher with his daddy

The next day we did various things in the dog yard, and decided to let Dasher meet his daddy. Under supervision and on the leash, of course. How surprised we were, when not only Canuck accepted him immediately (after all, we know he loves puppies), but so did the rest of the adults!
Including the teenagers such as Huggy Bear, who are, well,... teenagers :)

Dasher is such a cool and diplomatic little guy. He looks like an adult in a puppy body. He is soft, yet tough. Cudly, yet independent. Obedient, yet himself. We are totally taken by him!

Thank you Richard and Ingela for trusting us with this special guy!

More photos of Dasher, the "gang" and his meeting with the "big guys" in these albums: and


Ivana said...

He looks exactly like Tuktoyuktuk!!! The same face!! Incredible. Mom

Katerina said...

To je podobicka, co?! :) Fakt uplnej Takousek. Taky tak trochu HMK a k tomu desnej klidas :)