Monday, January 11, 2010

New Blog dedicated to Wolves Worldwide

In the tragedy of the first days of the new year, that struck the wolf kind in Sweden (and about which you will be able to read more in detail gradually, in the new blog), I managed to actually find something positive. Something incredibly positive, as a matter of fact.
A group of people, thousands of people, actually, who stick together and fight with passion for the same cause - for our beloved species of wolves. And not just in Sweden, but around the globe.

And between the sorrow of the losses, the shock of the senseless brutal killing, and the hope that arise between wolf lovers and supporters worldwide, I found inspiration and motivation. And mainly, I´ve heared the call. The call for the mission to help open more human eyes and hearts, to correct myths that have been surrounding the wolf kind for thousands of years, creating lots of missunderstanding, about these magnificent, noble beings.

The subject and the cause is too big of a theme to be covered in this blog, through rendom posts, as well as it definitley deserves a space of it´s own. This blog is about my life in the wilderness with my beloved partner and dogs, and although it will occassionally cover and link to some of the highlighted information about wolves and the cause to help save and protect them, the main focus is on the huskies, our kennel, and the rugget lifestyle we´re living.

On the pages of the new blog, which we affectionately named the WOLF HOWL, you will find contacts to organisations that help save and protect wolves. You will also find numerous links to blogs with related topics, petition sites, newspaper articles, radio, tv and other media coverage of the wolf problematique, and more.

Please visit

You will learn how you can help save and protect wolves worldwide, from taking actions, virtually adopting wolves, buying items to fundraise for science and wildlife protection, etc. We also created "DID YOU KNOW..." special educational section, with facts, statistics and information about this, one of the world´s greatest animal - the Canis Lupus (Grey Wolf). It will be updated gradually, as this blog is still a work in progress.

There is one specialty about this blog - you will often find links, comments and texts not just in English, but also in Czech and Swedish languages, as this blog is dedicated to helping wolves around the world.

We hope you will enjoy reading Wolf Howl and keep comming back. If you do like it, please spread the word and link to us or share the news with your friends. You can also share the individual blog posts on your Facebook profiles, using simple "share" links under each post. We also welcome any tips for news, links, photos and other useful information, related to helping wolves. You can use the "comment" buttons to share your thoughts, opinions or ideas.

Once again - welcome to The Blog for Wolves, their very own cyber space, which no human can take away from them, and where we will do all we can to justify, save and help protect their very special species!


We shan't save all we should like to, but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried. -- Sir Peter Scott (1909-1989), WWF founder


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I will certainly check it out thanks for this very important and inspiring annoucement.

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