Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Few Howls from the Kennel

With the aproaching Halloween weekend, it´s getting darker, more grey and more frosty.
The dogs have perked up a bit again, as the runs get cooler.

Jachym is working harder than ever on finishing two new dog houses for the new dog lot, so we can move Rizey´s puppies to the pen (which is now occupied), before it gets colder again.

We are expecting a late tourist season guest from Greece, to join us on a 3day Nordic Husky Farm Adventure Program, after the weekend, and right after that, we are picking up Helena at the airport!

Helena is not just a dog handler to join the Kipp d´Amundsen team for part of this winter, but she is a close friend of mine, since I was a child and she was a baby :) We´ve been through a lot together and Helena has handeled for me at races and helped me out at the kennel a lot, in the past. I can´t wait to welcome her in our Swedish home!

These are all the latest news and happenings at the kennel. As you can see, I have finished one big task, a burden I´ve been carrying for long - the updating of the blog, since beginning of August! With this post, I am brining all our readers and followers up-to-date with the latest brags, musings and the adventures of the daily life in the woods :)

I am also working on the evaluation of the team and we will soon be posting the current list of athletes to our website, with the sponsorship info and availability.

Race plans have been plotted and I promise to keep you all posted about our 2010 plans and goals!

We also have a few cool fundraising projects and sponsorship program, which I will soon write about.

Here is a video Jachym recorded yesterday, of the whole dog yard howling with the anticipation of a training run:

And that´s all for the latest howls from us --

Have a Happy Howl-oween!

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