Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Wrapping my fingers around a cup of coffee that says "Winter´s Calling", my fleese jacket on, looking out the window and putting my thoughts into another blog entry.

Last night, when I fed the puppies and wished good night to all the dogs, it stroke me. It was 10:00 pm and it was quite dark. Not pitch black yet, but dark. Just couple weeks ago, it was getting kind of dusky around eleven.

As I walked back toward the house, I spoted a line of lights along the road. The street lights were on for the first time since April. And in the distance, a little yellowish light on Gunbritt´s cabin glowed out of the dark, silent meadow.

The past few mornings are misty and it takes until about 10:00 am to clear up and see what the weather will be like the given day.

The fireweed was early this year, way too early, as a matter of fact. It was telling us something.

I should have thought about it earlier - when the bats started flying infront of my office window, when I work in the evenings. They belong undoubtadly to the first messangers.

Last couple of nights we seriously thought of not keeping the bedroom window wide open. I did laundry the other day and thought what kind of sheets to put on the beds. Is it time for flannel already?

The dogs eat without a fuss (not that we would ever really have issues with their appetite, but now they seem to stuff themselves up), the late-runners are quickly getting rid of their coats, while the largest group of the huskies is starting to grow this fine, soft undercoat...

I should have felt all those signs earlier. Or mabye I did, mabye I just didn´t want to think about it. There is yet so much to be done around the house and kennel.

But this morning, when I woke up, just one brief look out of the window, into the woods that surround us, and a deep breath of the crisp air that entered the room made me realize it fully.

I can´t deny it anymore. The summer is saying good bye.


yukonmusher said...

yup here too. We have been gretting some hard frosts for the past 2 2weeks, and dark at night now. Leaves are changing and many have dropped. I was growing all my wedding flowers and they all froze :( haha oh well. fall colors on the trees makes it all good.

Anonymous said...

The seasons are not like they used to be. It all seems like it's over before you realize it has started.

Lynette said...

Not a single frost here yet, though tonight it could be the first.