Monday, August 17, 2009

Drunk Bumble Bee

It was a relatively cold morning today, so I thought the bumble bee is just resting on the blooming clematis, waiting for the sun rays to worm him up.

But after all the dog chores have been done, he was still sitting at the flower, looking sleepy. Poor little thing, I thought. He is probably ill or injured. I love bumble bees and try to save them from the dogs´ water buckets every day, and if I see one in a "critical" situation, I would move it to a safer spot or to a nice juicy flower to feed on.

After lunch, as we returned back to our outside work, the guy was still there. Basically same position. He had kind of funny looking, lazy movements. Just as if he was....drunk!

And that´s when it hit us! A bit confirming through the internet and we found out that clematis conatins drugs that make the bumble bees (who love it´s blue color) "drunk" or "dizzy".

Soon enough, we found a second guy in the same situation, on the same flower. We´ll probably have to think it over before we get clematis again next year. I don´t wanna be acused of making the bumble bees some kind of junkies and adicts!

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