Saturday, July 4, 2009

JigZone Puzzles

When I saw the link to JigZone at my friend Karen´s blog, I had to give it a try to see how fast I could do it. I have always loved puzzles. And soon enough, I fell in love with these online puzzles and created our own gallery.

We also joined the affiliate program of JigZone Puzzles, who do not only offer free online cool puzzles, and posibility to create your own gallery, send puzzles and postcards and other fun stuff, but they have an awsome selection of real puzzles of any dificulty and design your heart desires and fantasy imagines.

So if you are ever looking into purchesing a puzzle for yourself or as a cool gift for your friends and family, please take into consideration to order from JigZone. If you do so, through the link on our blog (on the sidebar) or website, you will actually help us raise money for our racing team in the upcomming season, as we will get a small comission from JigZone.

Thank you very much in advance!

And here, featuring two of our own online puzzles:

Puppy Sweatness Jigsaw PuzzlePuppy Sweatness Jigsaw Puzzle

CH Litter 3 weeks old Jigsaw PuzzleCH Litter 3 weeks old Jigsaw Puzzle

You´ll find our other puzzles here: Kipp d'Amundsen Kennels Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery -

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