Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrating 5 Weeks and a Little Personality Analysis

At this age, the only way how to take decent pictures of the brats is catching the right (or should I say rare) moment, when they wake up and do not waste a milisecond of time and oportunity.

My computer is overloaded with the CH litter pics and I keep promising gallery of them for a long time. As it looks now, I will have to sort the pictures into several different albums. Hold on, the time is eventually comming! :)

Star´s first born son is a very unique individual. He´s been for some reason a bit timid, but not toward humans. Chignik has his own ways of doing things, he can be wild and slightly shy at the same time, a bit more gentle than the others, and maintains a charming balance between cudly and "I don´t like to be picked up and handled" attitude. He has by far the best structure and built, and awsome angulation of both front and read. He is a very nicely balanced puppy and I just love his type. I dare to say that I was right, when I perhaps a little bit early named him to be the pick of the litter. Time will tell more..

This cheaky puppy could not be more of a siberian, than he is. Sweet and adorrable to the bone, cudly, inventive, smart, wild, funny and omnipresent. Chip (officially Chippewa) is fearless, daring, challenging and charming. He is born as a clown and performs hilarious tricks and shows. Even on this picture, he must do something funny by showing at least the tip of his tongue (I deleted a lot of big tongue pictures, before I shot this one and ran out of energy). You guessed it right, Chip is the type, that wraps you around his paws before you even know it!

Aaah, here he comes. Mr.Monster, the "big fat boy", the constantly challenging brother, who gives hard times to his sisters and forced them to make a pact against him. On many occassions, he gets it all back before he has a chance to escape. In Chilkoot´s thinking, the size DOES matter and he gets always surprised when his half the size sisters´ sharp teeth and fast moves beat his powerful attack. Chilkoot is very cudly and addors his mom. He tries to spend as much time with Star as he can, and she seems to be fond of him too, although she tries hard not to show it.

Chilko is a thinker. He always has a wise and smart expression on his face and ever since he opened his eyes, he quietly explores the world around. One can nearly see the smoke comming out ot his brain, as he analizes things. No wonder he was the first to figure out feeding time is comming, that mornings mean the humans are gonna come through that specific door to greet, or which sibling will be most mad, when attacked while sleeping. Chilko is the lightest built puppy and not only his color, but simply everything about him is unique and different. This boy will be special!

Once again an awful picture of one of the most beautiful puppies. Chuchinka does everything she can to make herself unfotogenic. What can one say about a puppy that owns one´s heart completely, without saying too much? Once again, a witchy-bitchy, wild dragoness has stolen my heart. Chuchinka is not only beautiful and well proportioned, but it is her personal charm that speaks for all. Smart, wild, brave, super active and super affectionate. She will climb the mountains and swim across the rivers (translate: walk over the dead bodies of her siblings) to get into my lap or arms. I know, I know. Do not make the same mistake twice... but.. these dogs usually become awsome leaders for me.. is that a good enough excuse?? :)

While I have been charmed by Chuchinka, Jachym fell for her sister Chisana. I must admit, I am torn between these two, who could be compared to fire and ice. This calm, sweet and gorgeous girl is not just a pretty doll, though! As a matter of fact, she is fairly high up in the ranks at the moment, leading the brothers. Generally said, all three girls in this litter seem to have developed a good working team. At least so far. Chisana is a twin to Chip, which you can tell by showing of the tongue :) She has her periods of "adorable princess", "mommy and daddy´s girl", "do not touch me" and "wild at heart" personalities. I wonder to which is she going to stick in the future. So far, she reminds me strongly of her aunt Galena in her age, which is more than awsome. One absolutely constant thing about her is the intelligence, that glows not just from her eyes, but from her whole being!

Every day, Lucky (oficially Chatanika) becomes more and more a copy of her grandma Babeli. From the cool, totally independent intelligent aproach, to the comic playfulness and "never mind" attitude. This puppy shows what it is to enjoy and live life to the fullest, as if she knew how close she was to losing it. She fought for it, grabed it in her paws and does all to prove "it´s my life, I´ll live it hard, night and day". She never minds anything and takes all with such a coolness. She bravely pokes her biggest brother, but is gone before he can charge. Most of the time, though, she spends exploring and playing with toys. She can be very focused on doing or getting one particular thing and fights for it with the will of a pitbull. The other day I watched her play with one of the toys, while Chilkoot decided he will take it away from her. She didn´t fight, she just took it back. And every time he stole it again, she didn´t chase him like silly, or get mad or lose her temper. She waited and then went to get it back. I totally love her philosophy and I think many of us could learn from this little puppy about life, passion, assertivity and attitude.

Darn, why can´t we keep all three of the girls? How am I suppose to decide? :)

Can´t wait to start taking the puppies for daily walks in the woods soon. That will tell us more about them too.

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