Monday, June 1, 2009

Misa and I, & the Trail

It´s 1st of June today. Five months left for me to train myself, before the cold, the darkness and the lack of time, caused by intense training of the dogs, will restrict my chances of getting in shape for the race season.

Misa and I have hit the trail this morning, I equipped with a jogging belt, Misa with a short harness. It wasn´t a long walk, but rather fast and how else, than up and down, on our hilly training trail. When the cool breeze and the morning coolness get supported by even some clouds, one has a chance of surviving the mosquitos, whose time have unfortunattely come.

Misa managed to keep a good pace, until we reached the first pond, which has been her favourite since she was a puppy. She immediately jumped into the muddy water and started eating the yellow flowers (sorry no time to look up their English name). I was afraid of poisoning, but when I Googled them, I found out they are used in homeopathy, mainly as diurrhetics. I believe the animals know what they are doing after all. Guess Misa needed some spring detoxication.

Sorry, no pictures today, but instead, I have one interesting link to share. The text is only in Czech language, but the photos say it all! This is how much sugar one actually coonsumes, when eating/drinking some of the most common and favourite foods/beverages:

I´ll be back with more workout reports throughout the spring and summer.

I feel good!


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