Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playing With the Big Dogs

As soon as my trip to Alta was over, it was time to get back into the daily chores and routines.
One of them, planned for a while already, was letting the 6 months old "H" litter puppies - Rizey, Hawky, Huggy Bear and Runner, "play" with the big dogs. What I mean is start socializing the puppies with the adults, and teaching them the dog yard routines.

Not just the youngsters, but also the adults and even some of the seniors (ok, Black Star was a bit enoyed by them quite early and barked at them any time they aproached him, but he has the right for that, at his nearly 15 years.) enjoyed thoroughfully each other´s company and mutual play.
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It was a bright sunny day, temps around zero, and we had a LOAD of snow that fell from the roofs, to shovel away from the walk ways. Overall, another nice day in the office :)

There´s more updates comming gradually, as time allows, so stay tuned and don´t forget to check back for more stories and pictures!


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