Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maintenance Day

It´s been fairly cold here lately, with night temperatures ranging around -20°C, and up to -12°C during days. So it´s been time to change and add more straw to the dogs´ houses.

This is always a most welcome fun activity for the dogs, and they play and have a great deal of fun with their new beds, smelling by mice and other summer creatures :)

On the picture you can see Skittles thoroughfully enjoying the straw refilling container, which she immediately jumped into and made her bed, although we tried to explain to her that this is not her new dog house :) But it inspired us to make a few short videos and record reactions of different dogs. Of course, Skittles didn´t repeat the jump and crazy play, infront of the camera. But her half sister Tazlina did, as you can see below :)

Changing straw is simply a part of play time here :) See some of the other dogs in the following clips:

Bliss and Ginger

Ziggi and Krtek


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