Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finnmarkslopet 2009: Part 6a - The Restart

Saturday, March 7, 2009 - The restart of Europe´s longest and toughest, and the world´s northernmost race - FINNMARKSLOPET - is on! Enjoy the atmosphere:
The first teams of the 8 dog class (500km FL) arrive to the restart on Alta river, while racing sleds of the open class teams (1000km FL) await at the starting positions.

Mikeal´s team shortly after arrival to the restart. Now we will rehook the dogs on the racing gangline.
Restart area, filled up by the open class teams. Atmosphere is rising in excitement, anticipation and eagerness. From now on, the bare mountains, the glare ice lakes, windswept tundra and jumble ice on mighty rivers welcome all the teams that worked hard the whole year, awaiting their life time adventures
Race marshal Don Lyrek, posing and smiling for the camera

Mikael showing race judge mandatory equipment
The first open team on the go!

Another team on their way, being given the "go" signal by race marshal

Note people lining up at the bridge. There were also bonfires on the river banks and folks were handing out hot dogs to the passing mushers, along the way to the first checkpoint Jotka

Timone getting ready to lead Mikael´s team for 1000km over the arctic What a great surprise it was, seeing him leading all the way, mostly in single lead! Atta boy!
See more pictures from the restart and other from the whole race here:

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