During my 30+ years of sharing my life with dogs, I have been combining natural, holistic approach to their nutrition and health care, and positive training. It is a lifetime journey and a continuous quest to improve the health and happiness of my beloved four legged family, along with following ethics and being in as much harmony with Nature as my best knowledge and conscience allow.

Because the Natural Way has been so very effective and because my dogs thrive on the natural feeding program, holistic health care and positive reinforcement, I have decided to share what I have learned and constantly keep learning, my knowledge and experiences with you and help you find solutions for your dogs´ health and happiness the Natural Way.

Maybe you generally prefer holistic approaches to health, and maybe your animal´s condition is not improving as it should be, with the application of allopathic medicine and approaches.
Perhaps you found out that commercial, highly processed pet food has caused your furry friend some health problems, or you were recommended to look for natural, gentle and effective methods of dealing with your dog´s anxiety, fear, stress, aggression or other emotional and behavioral problems. Or your pet is fighting a chronic disease, and you are not willing to give up, and maybe you want to make sure that your animal is supported in times of strong medical treatments such as antibiotic, steroid or chemo-therapy. 

With any of these cases or if you simply would like to try helping your dog the natural way, you may have found the right place.

What you can expect from my consultations and services:
  • Addressing specific health issues by recommending dietary changes (nutritional therapy), adding ONLY natural safe nutritional supplements, changing sources of nutrients, herbal treatments (both oral and topical), Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki Healing and/or recommending other forms of holistic medicine and practitioners, always based on the individual needs of your animal.
  • Besides natural nutritional consulting and therapies, my passion is Herbal Medicine with the focus (of course) on animals, especially dogs. I am also a certified Bach Flower Therapist and hold a diploma in Reiki Healing (Level 1 and 2). All of these methods offer a great complimentary treatment of many health issues, that combine well with other holistic practices and allopathic (conventional) veterinary medicine alike.

    In my herbal practice I focus mostly on nourishing, more gentle herbs (and ways) and supporting of the body and its natural self-healing abilities, and on building a healthy, balanced immune system, following the Wise Woman Tradition, as taught by Susun Weed.
    I continue my herbal studies at the American Herbal Academy.

    I am a firm believer (and have seen loads of evidence on my own animals and in my consulting practice, over the years) that most health problems, chronic and acute, are caused by weakened immune system and digestive tract, which hold the most keys to the overall health, vitality and longevity of any live-being. That is why these two are among the main areas I focus on in my nutritional and herbal therapies.
  • I highly recommend Acupressure, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine treatments, along with positive reinforcement based training methods that help with many behavioral and thus often also health issues.

As you can see, all is connected together, nutrition effects behavior and health, behavior and psychological issues effect health, etc.

Most health problems occur when the body - physical, mental, energetic and spiritual are not in balance.
Holistic approach to healing, health care and nourishment (via natural, species appropriate diet) help greatly with regaining that balance back.
Everything is connected, everything influences one another. 

And because everything is connected, holistic nutrition and medicine are so effective, working on several spheres at once, treating underlying deficiencies and causes of problem, instead of just the symptoms.

Here are a few ways how I may be of assistance to you:

Individual Consultation 45 - purchase online
Individual consultation either (preferably) by phone (skype) or via email. Discussing current problem, reviewing current feeding program and health care, suggestions and recommendations for solutions (modifications in the current feeding program, herbal therapy, and/or other holistic approaches). Additionally you will receive handouts with useful information on natural holistic health care and nutrition. Does not include follow up or tailor made individual feeding program. However, if you decide to choose one or more of my services after the consultation, I will combine all into the most convenient and economical "package" for you.

Follow up Consultation €30 purchase online
Follow up consultation to any of my services - including Bach Flower Therapy, Reiki Healing, Clinical Feeding Program, or in case you would just like to have another consultation to discuss your animal´s health care and wellness.

Individual Feeding Program  €60 - purchase online
This includes an individual consultation via telephone/skype (or email), current diet assessment and composing a tailor made individual feeding program including dietary and holistic health care recommendations and guidelines. One follow up consultation via skype or email.

Ideal for those of you who just got a puppy and wish to feed a healthy, balanced diet, you would like to change your dog´s diet from puppy to adult or adult to senior, feeding program for pregnant or mama dog, or if you wish to switch from commercial processed pet food to natural, species appropriate diet.

Please note, that this service is not applicable when your dog needs a clinical diet or feeding program for a specific health problem.

Clinical Feeding Program And Therapy (Consulting Package) €110 - purchase online
The Clinical Feeding Program is for dogs with health problems (including post-surgery/injury, kennel cough, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, kidney dis-ease, liver dis-ease, allergies, yeast infections, epilepsy, pancreatitis, and more). It is ideal for those of your dogs suffering from long term chronic health issues, for whom holistic health care methods and natural nutrition therapy can be an effective solution.

This is NOT A SUBSTITUTE of veterinary treatment, but a complementary nutritional and other holistic therapy.
Because of its nature, I highly recommend multiple consultations to achieve the best results and stay on track.
This service is basically a complete consulting package that includes an initial consultation, clinical tailor made diet, herbal therapy recommendation, suggestions of other holistic health care methods and a follow up consultation after the  first 2 weeks.
Email support until the health problem is resolved or maximally improved is also provided.
My goal is to help you and your dog the best way I can and I wish to work with you together as a team, thus will be available for you as much as needed.
You will receive suggestions, materials and guidelines, just like with all my other consulting services.

Bach Flower Therapy  €50  - purchase online
Individual consultation, assessment of your animal´s emotional, physical and/or behavioral problems. After consultation, I blend a personal 30ml remedy of Bach flower essences, tailored specifically for your animal (dog, cat, horse, bird, farm animals, etc.). 

The remedy is included in the therapy price. Shipping is paid by customer. The bottle lasts approximately for 3 weeks.

I provide support via email free of charge. I recommend follow up consultation after 3 weeks. The price of follow up consultation including another 30ml remedy is €30.
It is possible to purchase additional/follow up consultations (see above).
Formulating of the same personal remedy without consultation during continuous therapy costs €20.

During the consultation, I may also recommend other effective natural (holistic) methods of treatment, based on the individual personality and condition of your animal.

In case you choose Bach Flower Therapy as part of my recommendations in the Clinical Consulting Package, you will only pay for the personal remedy (€20 plus shipping).

If you are interested in my other Bach Flower Remedies, especially formulated for specific health areas, such as FEAR Remedy, MOBILTY Remedy, IMMUNITY Remedy, HEALING Remedy, ONCOLOGY Remedy, ALLERGY/YEAST Remedy and RESCUE Remedy, please visit the shop

If you would like to learn more about this holistic form of health care, please visit the following page, dedicated to BACH FLOWER THERAPY.

Reiki Healing Therapy €40 - purchase online
Individual consultation, assessment of your animal´s problems and a hands on or distance Reiki Healing session. Email support is provided as well.

For those of you. living in a reasonable distance, I offer hands on sessions either at my home office or at your home/kennel/stable/farm. 
I can also provide hands on sessions for more customers during an event or at a rented place (dog clubs, veterinary clinics, dog competitions, shows, etc.)
Contact me to discuss options.

Reiki Healing, just like any other holistic health care method, is not a "quick fix". I highly recommend repeating Reiki energy healing treatments at least 2x to achieve better results. You can choose either a hands on or distance healing session:
Reiki Healing Hands On Session €30 - purchase online
Reiki Healing Distance Session €20 - purchase online

Reiki Healing 3 Hands On Sessions €75 - purchase online
You can also book 3 treatments and pay only €25 per treatment.

Reiki Healing Distance Session (since third time) €15 - purchase online
I offer a reduced price on your animal´s third and each next distance healing session.

Reiki Healing is one of my most favorite holistic healing methods and it is very popular among my own dog pack, cats and even my partner :) Welcome to explore more about REIKI HEALING on its own page.

How does a consultation look?
After you choose a consultation for your animal, please fill out and email me the customer questionnaire.
If you have any pictures of your animal to show (for example problem area on their skin, a wound, etc.), please send them as well. 

I will email you available dates and times for our consultation session. I recommend a telephone/skype conversation, because email consultations can be very lengthy and confusing. However, it is possible to do an email consultation if necessary.

After you book your time, you will receive an email with confirmation and some technical information such as the skype contact that you need to add. I will call you at the agreed time.

We do not use webcams during consultation sessions, only at specific cases, such as when some special instructions or problem areas on your animal (skin problems etc.) need to be shown.

The consultations are usually around 90 minutes long. However, they may be longer or shorter, depending on the individual case and severity of the problem.

Personal Herbal Blends and Formulas

Every single herbal blend I recommend is tailor made and personalized for the individual needs of your animal. I personally formulate and create each blend myself, charging it with energy for enhanced personalized effect.

The vast majority of herbs used in my blends grows right here, near my home, in the pristine nature of Northern Sweden,
I am proud to say that the herbs I work with are mostly growing local here, where we ethically wild harvest them together with my partner Jachym and our occasional kennel helpers.
This way I know EXACTLY how the plants where harvested, what is their quality, how they have been dried, stored, infused, tinctured or otherwise made into herbal medicine. 

Another source of herbs comes from wild harvesting and organic growing by my parents, who live in the mountains of Bohemia in Czech Republic, again in a beautiful and clean environment of the borders with National Park Sumava.
The rest of the herbs that are not locally available, are purchased from carefully selected suppliers with which we have a close contact and whose work with the herbs is transparent, provided with certifications or analysis, etc.

Don´t hesitate to contact me with your questions at

You can download my questionnaire, fill it out and email it to me along with your questions.
You can also specify which of my consulting services or therapies you are interested in, or we can decide together which would be the most beneficial for your animal´s needs.

On this page you will find Testimonials of people and their animals, whom I have helped.

You can also check my Event Calendar for workshops, webinars and seminars, that you are most welcome to attend.

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I wish you all the best and mostly - happy, healthy animal friends and family!

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