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This is a self help list I made for myself and for my friends, who got the devastating diagnosis from the vet, with a very bad prognosis for our beloved dogs.

I do not mean to plant false hope for anyone, but after all, there is no such thing as false hope, there is only HOPE.

We all do have the right to go ahead, grab HOPE and do all in our powers and in our hearts to revert the prognosis.

In the 20+ years of sharing my life with dogs (and cats and at one time a wonderful and very special horse), I have been fortunate to find many interesting natural solutions for many serious diseases and we have been able to successfully completely cure many of them, as well as numerous serious injuries and even some malignant tumors.

Please do keep in mind that I do not have all the answers and I do not claim to have found the „ultimate miracle cure“. I also do not, in any way, claim to know how to cure cancer, nor guarantee your results. In no way am I telling anyone to avoid veterinary help and take treatments of their animals in their own hands.
I am simply sharing resources and information about what therapies and natural medicine and nutritional support I have good experience with and where you can turn for further help.

Before I share the links to resources that I am using and that helped my animals on more than one occasion, when the science said there is  nothing more that can be done, let me tell you that if I have learned anything when fighting for any of my furry children´s life, it would be that one of the ingredients for success is our ATTITUDE.

After my once in a life time dog (and which one of living creatures isn´t a once in a life time one, when we all are special in our own ways), my soul mate and closest friend who read my mind, was given days to live after numerous visits to specialists, I just could not give up on him and could not give up HOPE.

I spent countless hours on the internet, doing research, reading success stories, etc.
The close experience of my two (human) friends with cancer and fatal prognosis, who are both cured and cancer free, years after they were supposed to be dead (pardon me my brutal boldness, but hey, there is no time to play around) made a huge impression on me and fed my HOPE for my beloved boy.

We did everything we could think of and one thing I learned, when fighting for my fur kids with such horrible diagnosis, is that one has to apply as much as possible, combine treatments and therapies, do all at once and do it a LOT.

Granite lived a happy life, despite a couple of relapses, but unfortunately, we eventually lost him. But he got a full year. We both got a full year and my wonderful vet Annette and all the specialists and friends who knew the situation still think of it as a MIRACLE.

We applied REIKI, Affirmations, herbal treatments, antioxidant treatments (megadosis), we changed his diet, we took him for walks despite being told not to exercise him at all as it would weaken him. He eventually pulled in harness but only on walks and hikes. From a point where he was very sick and lethargic and given just a few days, he perked up, built his muscles, gained strength and became incredibly HAPPY.

We still do not, and never will understand why did things turn out the way they did after a year of miraculous improvements and it is extremely difficult for me even a year after his passing, to write about this.

But the day I said my last farewell to him, I made a promise. I will do all I can to learn even more about natural nutrition and health care, and the medicinal values of natural resources, and I will help folks to fight for their fur kids the same way I did for Granite and all my other four legged friends.

I hope that my message, my experience and the journey Granite and I made together will help you to keep HOPE and if even a segment of my knowledge and experiences I pass further, will help you improve the quality of life of your animals, my promise to Granite will be fulfilled.

I am sending you loads of love and positive thoughts and wishing you all the best of luck and success on your and your furry friends´ journeys to health.

Remember that it is NEVER TOO LATE and that HOPE IS ALWAYS HERE, as long as WE BELIEVE and do not give up.

Much LOVE to you and your animal family!


You can also download this resource list in easily printable file here: 


One of the first things I´ve immediately learned when fighting for my fur kids with the „C“ diagnosis, is to change their diet.

It should contain a minimum to none carbohydrates, because, very simply said, carbs feed cancer cells. Diet rich in protein and fat is highly recommended, so yes, this means you may need to put your dog off their kibble and switch to meat, mostly raw.

Making sure that your dog has a large intake of NATURAL antioxidants, essential digetsive enzymes (if you are feeding raw meat, your dog already has a good source of dietary enzymes right there, but when fighting with this disease, their increased levels will be needed), and probiotics.

Adding fish, eggs and raw (organic if possible) honey is a great idea.

Splitting the food into two to three portions per day, and adding all the supplements and natural „medicine“ in each portion will greatly help.

>> Here you can download a FREE e-book THE CANINE CANCER DIET:


INTEGRATIVE VETERINARY CENTER does and explains a number of successful cancer treatments, including Chinese herbs, acupuncture, intravenous and oral vitamin C therapy, mistletoe therapy.
>> Check out their rich cancer treatment information in the section called Integrative Cancer Therapies:

There is more and more scientific evidence that supports the amazing medicinal properties of turmeric in your dog´s diet and as a paste for topical application on tumors. There are many incredible results when using turmeric to fight cancer.

>> Check out this wonderful Facebook Group, called TURMERIC USER GROUP:
You will find all the info on how to feed turmeric, all the scientific evidence and explanations of the amazing healing properties of turmeric, where to buy, what to look for when choosing turmeric in the shop, how to prepare pastes to mix into food or put directly on tumors.

There are some amazing results mostly among horse owners in the group, with pictures of their treatments and before/after graphics.
This is a very professional, trustworthy source of knowledge.

I personally have great experience with turmeric in my dogs health care program and only wish I knew about its healing powers to fight for Granite and Nugget.

These dietary supplements are developed with lots of scientific research background in immunology and contain strong immunoglobulins and so called transfer-factors that have been proven to help the body fight against, among many diseases, cancer.
>> Transfer Factor Plus Formula:
I have successfully treated our 13 year old boy Kipp´s prostate cancer by using the Transfer Factor Plus capsules in large dozes, together with megadoses of vitamin C, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, kelp and cranberries. The tumor encapsulated and vanished, despite taking over the testicle completely.
It was actually the very same Transfer Factor Plus product (capsules), which both of my cancer survivor close friends (read above) took and how I learned about it.

I think it is an absolute must to use, both for your dog and yourself. You can read more about each of the 38 flower remedies on the official website. In fact, it was the Bach Therapy that was the most effective for my beloved Granite, together with POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. I guess because he was such an extremely sensitive soul.
Crab Apple and Olive are the definite essences to go for when treating anyone diagnosed with cancer. Four drops three times a day for a dog is not too much in this case.

>> This is the official website, where you can find lots of useful information, guide to all the remedies and how to use them:

REIKI HEALING – it WORKS! No matter what you think and how skeptical you may be towards this type of healing method, it does work. I have been seeing results often described simply as miracles on people and animals, ever since I started studying and working with this delicate and gentle method. If you do not have a REIKI therapist nearby, you can always opt for a trustworthy one who can work with your dog over distance.

Here is a also a LIST OF HOLISTIC VETERINARIANS where you can search for more info and find someone good in your area.

>> American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association:

>> Find Holistic Veterinarians in Europe and Other Countries:


Learn more about holistic cancer treatments and dietary solutions for dogs diagnosed with cancer:

 >>  read the section called Holistic Animal Cancer Treatments:

>> Highly recommended book to read: The Dog Cancer Survival Guide by Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM (available on Amazon and other larger book stores)

>> Download an excerpt of the book, made as a free e-book, called THE DOG CANCER DIET:

>> research all the options how they can help you:

>> read a page on Chinese herbal medicine:

DOGS NATURALLY MAGAZINE – this is a wonderful source of serious information from the world of natural nutrition and health care for dogs. Search through their articles covering natural cancer treatments at:


Antioxidants, essential dietary enzymes and probiotics are what I call the „three key ingredients“ that should not be missing in any dog´s diet for optimal health, and when fighting a disease that is life threatening, their high amounts in daily food are a MUST.
They can be purchased in many online stores, but their quality and potential vary.

>> Visit and learn more about their all natural dietary supplements and about what they do and how they help to strengthen your dog´s immune system. I use their supplements for years and when supporting my dogs with cancer, I have always used all of the products, including Ox-E-Drops to kill bacteria in their food and water and stabilize the PH in their stomach, which is extremely important, and Black Leaf tincture. Read more about their benefits in the link above.

>> These are some of the most important and most effective HERBS, SPICES and NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS to add daily to food:

  • Dandelions,
  • raspberry leaf,
  • young birch leaves
  • fireweed blossoms and leaves
  • creeping charlie
  • turmeric
  • organic virgin coconut oil
  • ceylon (real) cinnamon
    (!!! Do not use the regular, grocery grade cassia cinnamon, as it is harmful to liver!!!)
  • raw honey
  • propolis
  • oregano oil
  • cranberries
  • kelp and sea corrals
  • milk thistle
  • shitake and maitake mushrooms
  • colostrum
  • parsley
Many of the herbs can be found on your lawn, on the meadow or in the forest near you, so go out, check it out and start using Mother Nature´s gifts!
Majority of the herbs and wild flowers (and what some call weeds) that I use for our dogs come directly from our „backyard“.

If you can´t get any of the herbs and spices anywhere nearby or their vegetation period is over, you can check out MOUNTAIN ROSE
They ship and sell also in bulk, and most importantly, they are ethical and organic!


It is important that you do your own research, and find and use what is appealing to you.
This is how I learned about most of the solutions, therapies, remedies and possibilities out there.

The resources I have put together are not the only ones out there, I am offering these simply because they are what I work and have good experience with.

Do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions, do not be afraid to do something un-conventional. If your vet does not have the experience with any of the above therapies and support, it doesn´t mean that they do not work.

The world is full of change today, especially in the health care sphere. People learn to step out of the crowd that was passively receiving one sided information from only one stream. The return to Nature is a big thing now days and there are loads of alternative solutions out there – just reach out and grab it!

Lastly, I would like to make clear that I am not a business partner, solicitor or sales rep of any of the above mentioned companies and I recommend their products only because I use them for my dogs and ourselves for years and have great results with them when treating serious health issues, including cancer.

My purpose is to help you get a fighting chance for your beloved animal companion!

Wishing you and your canine friend strength, the best of luck, health and happiness.

Love, Katerina

Download this resource list in easily printable file: 

Dedicated to Granite - Miracle Dog, Special Soul and Best Friend

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