Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Remedies You Can Make With Wild Herbs aka The Wonder Of Mother Nature´s Gifts

I have been working with herbs, practicing herbalism and taking care of my animals naturally pretty much my entire adult life.

Yet, the endless options, the gentle but powerful nature of plants, the possibilities wild herbs offer in terms of food and medicine never stop to amaze me.
What would Jachym do without St.John’s Wort for his weary head.
How would I cope with a migrene on a busy day without Meadowsweet tea or tincture, and how would I take care of my emotional health without my flower essences?

How relieving it is to know I can reach into the cabinet for several herbs to blend and brew a tea for an upset stomach of a puppy who ate something they shouldn’t.
How wonderful it is to see the spark in the eye of a 15yo senior sled dog whose vitality has been boosted by immune health supporting nourishing herbs.

Knowing what I am applying on my and my animals’ skin in form of salves and oils from wild herbs I personally gathered in the clean nature around me.
Barely any scars left on wounds that heal fast, most often without antibiotics involved.

The priceless value of eggs from our own chickens who eat nourishing herbs all year round (in winter too, thanks to different preparations).

Not just healthy, but also amazingly tasting wild foods: soups, salads, desserts, jellies, drinks and so much more.

I hope to inspire you to join me on this journey to find, meet and learn about wild herbs in my new live streamed online course, so that you can feel confident to head out and create medicine and food from the wild herbs as well!

For details about the Wild Herbs For Your And Your Animals’ Health course read my post here.

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