Sunday, June 4, 2017

Omelette with Wild Herbs

You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to the day I will be able to pick a handful of wild herbs and make a meal and fresh herb tea with them!

Our winters and time of frost without any vegetation are so long, and it isn´t until the end of May before we can see some green grass and leaves on trees again.

I also realized that I haven´t shared much from my cooking with herbs and generally from the life on the husky homestead for a while, so here is a recipe for my first fresh spring wild herb omelette.

Here are some of the wild herbs (and weeds, as most of you know them) that I love to cook with. I chose these today to make the breakfast omelette, but you can variate as much as you like and work with herbs you like and have available.

They are: Nettles, Creeping Charlie, Fireweed, Dandelion blossoms and Yellow Dock baby leaves.
These herbs are nutrient packed and very tasteful.

First I saute some onions on olive oil and butter, and then I begin to add in the herbs, starting with nettle first, chopping it with the five blade herb scissors.

Before adding in the Firweed shoots, I remove the leaves, which I will partially use in a delicious tea, and the rest will make a nice supplement for our dogs´s evening food.
Then I chop the soft, asparagus-like stems into the frying pan.

The rest of the herbs go in as well, but I leave a few Creeping Charlie plants and both of the Dandelion blossoms for seasoning after the omelette is finished.

Then I add one garlic clove, eggs (I used 4 eggs for two persons) and a tad of milk, plus salt. Pepper is optional.

While the omelette was cooking, I infused some of the fresh Nettles and Fireweed leaves, together with a bit of dried Mint from last year´s harvest, to make a nice nourishing and immunity boosting tea.

Voila! Omelette is done!
Once finished, chop the rest of the Creeping Charlie and sprinkle over the finished omelette, together with Dandelion flower petals.

Served with home baked bread and butter from the local farms, and a cup of fresh herb tea, this is the way I like our rustic-country breakfast to look like!

Hope you will try it out and let me know what you think.

Spring blessings from the North!

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