Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dandelions And Other Herbs For Your Dog´s Spring Care

Howdy all!

I am back home from my wonderful two week trip to Czech Republic, where I had so much fun and met so many wonderful folks and their dogs during my travels, meetings and herbal workshops.

And because the spring time there was just amazing, I couldn´t help myself and had to run to the meadows every time I could, to recharge amongst all the green fresh color and thousands of blooming dandelions.

So I shot this quick video for you, about one of my all time favorites, the happy little sunshine in a pocket as I call the nutritionally, energetically and medicinally rich beauty, officially known as Taraxcum officinale.

I added a few notes about herbs that are helpful for your spring dog care as well.

So if you  haven´t incorporate it into your dog´s feeding program, watch the video and do so - it is SO GOOD for so many "things"! :)

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