Monday, May 23, 2016

All What´s Good And New

Howdy all!
It has been a long time since I last updated the blog.

So much has happened since then, so much I was going to share and also a lot I did not know how to process, never mind sharing. 

Those of you who know me some time, know, that I am not a fan of sharing negative thoughts and news and that complaining will never be a part of my blogging, so let me just say that health and family are of the highest priority to me and at times of need, focusing on these two aspects of my life are the single most important things on my agenda. 
And that is in a nut-shell exactly what I have been doing pretty big part of the winter. 

But it isn´t all, so let´s dive into all the what´s good and new!

I have taken zillions of pictures over the fall and winter, at the kennel, of the dogs, from our training runs, all my herbal creations and formulations, recipes, feeding programs and suggestions, pictures from the woods and the nature around. 
They are pretty outdated now, or at least most of them, so they´ll have to wait for the right time of the year to be shared.
But, if you are curious to see what´s been happening over here since my last blog post, you can head over to my Instagram, which I have kept updating pretty much regularly. 

So how did the winter find me, besides tending to my health, helping one of my beloved dogs fight cancer, and other personal aspects?

Besides running dogs as much as circumstances allowed, I have been, often single-handedly, taking care of my furry-family of 62, the crazy cats (thank God they require so little), chopping wood, keeping the house warm, shoveling tons of snow, grinding hundreds of kilos of meat, writing magazine articles and working on my many herbal formulations, plotting many great plans and goals.

I am fortunate to say that alongside some terrible experiences with few kennel helpers, we have been blessed with some fantastic, passionate, and serious folks without whom things would have been way harder, even impossible at times, than they already were.
Namely I would love to take the time to thank publicly to Vinca and Remi, Anna, and Felix with Viola. You guys know how grateful we are for all you did and are doing, and a lot more.
I wish only the best to you all and hope our paths will cross many, many more times yet.

And as in every learning process and life journey, we not only gained great experiences and friends, but we also lost some along the way. So is life.

Let me just say thank you one more time to all the people (many of whom are reading this right now) who believe in me, stayed loyal at times I could not be there for anyone else but family, and who inspire and motivate me on my journey forward. I am forever grateful.

I made a number of things happen in my professional sphere too, and I am proud to announce that a number of herbal preparations, all-natural animal health care products and even some cool stuff for people have finally, after a year of hard work, seen the light of the day. 

My natural dog nutrition and holistic health care consulting business has gone though a lot of transformation over the past year, and especially over the winter as well. 

So, what can you look forward to now?

REIKI healing and therapy for your animals (I have been practicing Reiki for 13 years, and combining this energy work with flower essences, herbs and the holistic approach has fantastic results).

Besides blog posts about natural animal health care and my ramblings from the rugged life in the woods with my Huskies, you will soon be able to purchase the first of my herbal products for your animals and for your self too. All developed for my dogs and long time tested in my daily work with them.

You can also subscribe to my NEWSLETTER in order to get all the latest news, tips, and offers, directly in your inbox. The very first issue will be released at the end of this week!
Just fill out the subscription form on the right bar of the blog.

There is actually A LOT MORE to share, but this is all for today.

Stay safe, take care and welcome back!

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ainnirbard said...

Glad to see you back! Been missing your posts.