Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Natural Way Webinars For All Animal Lovers

Ok folks,
it´s been what feels like a century since I last properly blogged. Time is of essence and my lack of it is to be blamed :)

Loads of things are and have been happening around the Kipp d´Amundsen kennels and our home in the woods, and I will make an effort to keep you up-to-date, as I have luckily documented a bunch of the goings and doings around here :)
For that matter, I actually highly recommend you to visit my FB page Katerina´s Journal as it is far more frequently updated with loads of pictures of the dogs, herbs, food, health tips, musings from the wilderness, and you know, the usual stuff :)

BUT....! For now, I have an exciting announcement to make, one big enough to make me finally break the no-time loop loop of doom and get back to the blog.
With a great help of my super nerdy geeky man Jachym, I have launched a brand new little website for all the webinars I have been having in the making, planning and organizing.
This has been a long and hard worked on project, that´s been in the making for, well, as I said, what seems like a century :) 

So go ahead and check it out at
and make sure to let me know how you like it! Suggestions and feedback most welcome!

And now, for the second part -- and let´s see if you have done your homework and actually visited that link above -- there is a NEW WEBINAR announced on the page.

Here is a little tiny poster about the webinar and I promise I will write more about it and what the webinar is going to be all about and what led me to putting it together for you, at a fairly low cost. Soon. Very soon. Honest. :)

>>>> To read the invitation, detailed info and how to register, just go you know where -- you got it, to my new webinar website! :)

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