Friday, December 19, 2014

Eggnog Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream And Hazelnuts

I not only loved this the very first time I experimented with it, but it immediately became THE way how I want my hot chocolate :)

And, pardon me the bragging, I am quite proud of the blend of tastes and ingredients and generally the entire recipe.

Just promise me, you will try it! It is heavenly! :)
I am not sure if you can get a good hot chocolate dried blend at your neck of the woods. We do get one here in Sweden, called O´Boy and it is really good.

So I use that one. Otherwise just use whatever hot chocolate blend you are using or do one from cocoa powder, dried milk and sugar.

So here comes the recipe:


1 pouch of O´Boy hot chocolate mix or 4 heap table spoons any other hot chocolate mix
1 cup of boiling water
1 shot of eggnog
whipping cream
hazelnut milk chocolate

1, In a pot mix thoroughly the hot chocolate powder with boiling water
2, add eggnog
3. whisk some whipping cream
4, pour the eggnog hot chocolate into a cup
5, spoon whipped cream over the hot chocolate
6, grate a piece of milk chocolate with hazelnuts and blend with a pinch of cinnamon powder
7, toss the chocolate, nut and cinnamon blend on top of the drink.

8, most important part - Enjoy!

What´s your most favorite hot chocolate flavor? Be sure to let me know! :)

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