Monday, September 1, 2014

Red Clover For Dogs

Couple of months ago I have promised to my Facebook readers to tell a bit more about the benefits of red clover and why do we add it to our dogs´ diet.

In summer, all the way until almost the end of September, red clover is plentiful in our area and its vegetation time is similar in most parts of Europe and North America.
We take advantage of that and use the fresh herb, or make an infusion, while we keep ourselves busy with harvesting and drying enough to last over the winter months.

Watch the video to learn about the broad scale of health benefits and nutritional values of this rather common wild plant.
In the video, I am mentioning only some of the many nutritional values, health benefits and medicinal properties of this wild flower. Red Clover is truly a very nutrient rich plant with some pretty amazing features, including cancer fighting properties, blood and liver cleansing ability, and more.

If you want to learn more details about the uses, how to dry and store red clover (and other herbs), how to prepare it and in what quantities to feed it, you can either sign up for one of my upcoming "Herbs for Dogs" workshops, or stay tuned for a few other events I am preparing, that cover natural supplementation of dog nutrition.

Stay tuned for a next Herbs for Dogs post soon and have a great day!


om.2gce said...

Love this video! Wonderful side kicks you have. We don't have red clover growing right here so I use white clover. Similar constituents - maybe not as potent? Looking forward to more info & videos!

Anonymous said...


My dog is diagnosed with COPD.
I read that red clover can be used as diuretics and it can help coughing and asthma.

Have you any experiences of using red clover for coughing or asthma?

Have you even heard about that it can be used for cough & asthma?

Have your dog ever had any side effects? If yes; what kind of?

How long time you have used red clover?

Thank you! I will appreciate your respond!