Sunday, July 6, 2014

Just A Happy Summer Day

The weather has been getting better and better the past few days, making it really hard for me while I was finishing up a few important projects, such as workshops and webinars focused on natural dog nutrition and health care, for the second half of the year. In case you are interested, you can check them all out at the Event Calendar.

Anyway, with Jachym working from home every day till late afternoon and trying to catch up with the super fast growing grass with a failing lawn mower on the evenings, training the puppies, de-weeding my flower beds, picking and drying herbs, feeding dogs, and anything else in between, we kind of decided to chill out today and do as the dogs do - enjoy the moment, here and now :)

Tazlina was happy to nap on the dog house roof of the shady kennel after two hours spent racing through the garden with her kids. She is such a great mom. I just love this gal!

Ronja (top) and Mio decided it was worth it to hang out around the house, now the that garden furniture and those great soft cushions are finally out and on place.

Everything around the house blooms right now. Be it wild as the aronia flowers above, or "tamed" as my most favorite garden flowers - the pansies.

Storm is growing into a calm, handsome young man. Oh, and he loves to forage. And dig holes.

And he is a great kisser too!

We actually did something today, do not think for a moment that we did nothing :)
We played a number of games with the puppies, including It´s Yer Choice and some recalling games.  Here Bubu demonstrates how well he does at the It´s Yer Choice game.
The absolute winner of today is Gusty, though, who, at the end, did not move even when I threw handfuls of kibble at him. What a self control! He was really impressive. Next time we gotta focus more on filming and photographic the training sessions.

Windy is by far the biggest from his litter and I am sure the biggest pup we´ve ever had in this age. He is super calm and sweet, yet very agile and moves effortlessly when running full speed.
Oh, and he´s got the biggest ears of all! :)

This is Breezy and she thrills me with her intelligence and attitude. I am beginning to sense an awesomeness with this gal. I think you´ll hear a lot about her in the future!

"Hey mom, can I borrow your shoes?" This is Gusty (up and below). He knows I´ve got a soft spot for him since the minute he was born :) We´ve got this special bond from a real early stage.

And little Bubu. He is probably the sweetest, softest and cuddliest of the litter. When I say soft, I do not mean weak! He is one little monster when he wants to :) Just very affectionate pup. Reminds us so much of his grandpa Canuck.

Some more flower beauties around the house and kennel.

And last but not least - what belongs to a nice summer day? A nice summer pie!
This one is our favorite, with strawberries and blueberries. Yum!

Hope you all had at least as good and relaxing Saturday as we did. Have a great rest of the weekend!

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